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Thread: [A - Antonidas] <Goliath National Bank> is recruiting!

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    [A - Antonidas] <Goliath National Bank> is recruiting!

    Has raiding got you down? Are you tired of endlessly running 5 man raids? It's times like these when I like to remember the words of my favorite song:

    We'll be on your side when you need a friend
    Through think and thin, you can always depend
    On the world leaders in credit and banking
    Goliath National Bank!
    (member FDIC)

    Goliath National Bank is recruiting!

    All HIMYM references aside, GNB is recruiting. We're a new guild alliance side on Antonidas that is going to be very progression minded. The leadership has experience to back up these claims as well. We have countless top 100 US kills under our belts as well as a few Top 25 US kills throughout TBC and WotLK. We also have the server first titles: Celestial Defender, Grand Crusader, and Death's Demise from our days on Maelstrom. We refer to ourselves as “casual hardcore” raiders. This means that we don't raid 5 days a week, and we have lives outside of WoW. We know that sometimes, you just can't make a raid, and so we're flexible on real life issues. We also like a fun relaxed environment where we can joke around and still see pixel monsters die. However, we are hardcore in the sense that when we bring someone to raid, we expect extremely high standards from them.

    More about the guild:
    It is our intent to start with 10mans and see how it goes from there. The intent is to expand from 10s to 25s, but it kind of depends on how the guild develops. The raid schedule we will start out with is a two day schedule from 6-10 server time (Pacific Time) on Wednesdays and Sundays with an optional 3rd day on Monday. If we are working on hardmode progression we may see what the guild can do about raiding on Mondays to get in extra content time. Maybe on Monday we'll go back and do old world content for guild achievements or if we have enough solid players on continue with progression we'll do that. It depends on the week. Trial periods will be roughly 1 month, however they may be shorter or longer depending on how your application is going. Having WoL reports handy is a huge plus. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask them to myself (Irylath), Fuoco, Sheft, or Héalana (the e is alt 130). Sheft will be the recruiting officer so he should probably be your main point of contact.

    Current Recruitment Needs:
    High Priority:
    Ridiculously solid melee DPS, such as rogue, warrior, dk, enh shaman. The melee DPS spots will be limited in raid based on new content, so you can expect competition for these spots

    Healers: We are in need of healers primarily at the moment. A resto shaman for heroism would be nice, but frankly we're going to take the best players we can find. If you feel you are an exceptional healer, then I highly advise you to apply! Especially if you are a healer that can spec flop and do decent DPS as well.

    Lower Priority:
    Tanks: We currently have 10 man tank spots filled, however, if we could find a BAMF feral druid tank, or another offtank or two, especially when we expand to 25 mans, this would be valuable. Especially if the tank also has very solid offspec DPS.

    Ranged DPS: We do have a lot of ranged DPS already, I think overall we have these spots filled, HOWEVER, I strongly encourage exceptional applicants to apply, especially if you are a mage, hunter, ele shaman, boomkin, or spriest (especially if you also are a really good healy-type priest as well)

    Enough about us! What about you!?

    To be a core raider for GNB:
    - You must come to all raids prepared. This means money for repairs, any flasks necessary, your optimal food buff, etc. etc.

    - You must min/max your toon. This means gemmed/spec'd properly. If we need a specific spec for a specific fight, we may request that you change specs.

    - You have to show exceptional raid awareness. Dying in fire over and over again is not acceptable and you will be removed from the raiding rotation if you keep making fundamental mechanic mistakes. Once or twice is understandable, we're all human, but we want our raiders to think on their feet and be able to adapt to situations, realize when they've made a mistake, and then take active steps to fix that mistake.

    - Applicants must NOT be loot-centric. We get loot to kill bosses, we do NOT kill bosses to get loot. If you want to raid just to get loot and say you have a high gear score, then do not bother applying, we do not want you. I will not hesitate to gkick someone for stirring up excessive loot drama. Now, for 10 man raids, there won't really be a loot system since there won't be a lot of people sharing the same loot pools. Now, if that does happen, we will discuss the matter in the raid and make sure we have a fair distribution of loot. For 25 man raids, we will setup a loot council. If for some reason you feel like you are being unjustly treated in this council, then bring it to us. I ran a loot council for 3 years though, and I think maybe 1 or 2 pieces of gear ever went to the “wrong” person.

    - And most importantly, you must not be a punk. In the end, we created this guild to play with friends and have fun, at a high functioning level. We don't want people who love trolling, we don't want people who stir up tons of drama. We're looking for equally minded people that really, just want to have fun and kill bosses and are good at doing it.

    Apply Online at GNB.Guildlaunch.com or contact myself (Irylath), Sheft (Recruitment Officer), Fuoco, or Héalana for more info!
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