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Thread: Tankadin Basics?

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    Tankadin Basics?

    I'm not a new player to WoW, been playing since launch, however since Cataclysm has launched I have been looking of getting into a serious raiding situation, which is new to me. I know the basics of Tanking as a paladin (I think) but still have some questions that I am hoping someone could awnser for me.

    1. I know stacking straight stam gems is the way of the past, and even then i felt wrong doing it. However, besides mastery (which I have learned is important) what should I be looking for. Is Parry or Dodge better for a tankadin?

    2. Hit and Expertise is important, but from what i have read on EJ (which confuses the hell out of me) It should be a lower priority to stats like dodge or parry, any confirmation (before it's asked, I dont have huge problems with threat, and even then its usually due to someone attacking before I have time to throw out enough agro)

    3. Does Ret Aura increase my threat output, and if so, is it viable for situations where I am not taking a beating?

    Finally, does anyone know any good marking addons, i hate the use of addons usually but since they have seemed fit to bring CC back into the game finally, I figure marking on the go to be a better way to go.

    Thanks for any help people are willing to shoot at me. After my hours and hours of surfing the internet i have been left with somewhat of a overload of information. I need someone to (in lay man terms) explain to me what the numbers and fancy math of EJ and other sites like it prove.

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    I hope you enjoy raiding.
    1. Once you hit around 10% dodge and parry, Mastery becomes a tankadins best stat. Here is another thought parry and dodge suffer from the same deminishing returns. You get no mana back from parry you do from dodge thou.
    2. Hit to cap, exp to soft cap in a normal world. The biggest thing right now is keeping yourself alive. Neither sould be gemmed/enchanted for at this stage in the game. Due to Vengeance you won't have threat issues raiding.
    3 Thats up to you. Raiding thou, I'd take the armor increas all day, once again threat is almost a non issue ever.
    4 Targetcharms

    I love maintankadin.com hit up Theck for his guilds, Digrens gems and enchants and Knaughty for his FAQ's. Tank spot is great there is a ton here and the search key helps. Tons of info overthere directed right at the tankadin
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