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Thread: Death Knight Tanking Questions

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    Death Knight Tanking Questions

    Hello, I have a question. I'm looking for Comprehensive guides to play a Death Knight Tank, also playing a Death Knight as DPS. i had a lvl 80 Death Knight but I deleted him because I wanted to start fresh and relearn the class, and I am only lvl 59 now. I been trying to figure out rotations and what people keep telling me is that all DK's do when tanking is DnD, Outbreak, Pest, DS, BB, DS, BB, then dump thier RP with Rune Strike and only use icy touch and Plage strike to refresh my Diseases. In my opinion this seems very flawed. I'm looking for a good DK to possible help me become the best Possible Death Knight Tank I can be, and I need some advice.

    -─zrael|Aliiance|Trollbane|US -.

    P.S. also if anyone would like to contact me for any reason in game best time to reach me is around 6pm Est 7 Days a week.

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    You should probably look around a little bit before you ask haha

    Not sure what DPS spec you want to be (there are four between Frost and Unholy) but if there are guides, I haven't looked for them here.

    At 59 you're not going to have a lot of available resources. The next 25 levels or so will continually change how you tank with what you have available. The people you've talked to probably think you're just asking about tanking lower level instances. And since at the moment Blood Boil hits targets with Scarlet Fever, there is a good reason for that.

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    There should be a DK tank guide here somewhere.
    I know Elitest Jerks has a guide for each of the DK specs and they are pretty informative.

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    You are the king of cooldowns, master them early. Don't die then look down at buttons that are not already on cooldown. Could you have used another?

    My approach is as much as possible to plan ahead on using my cooldowns (wait for the dragon breath... AMZ! etc.). I advise my tanks to think of their cooldowns as almost part of the rotation, not just OSBs.

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