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Thread: [H] Thrall <Gestalt> 11/12 Recruiting exceptional players of any role.

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    [H] Thrall <Gestalt> 3/13 Heroic Recruiting exceptional players of any role.


    Gestalt Raid Videos

    Gestalt is recruiting smart players of any role or class. Players who submit an outstanding application will be considered. If you turn out to be an amazing player who performs at or above the level of our current raiders, you will be slotted for progression regardless of seniority.

    Currently we are looking for a couple of good healers and a DK and Feral tank with a DPS offspec. as high priority.

    Progression Schedule
    Tuesday-Thursday (Prone to Change once in Cata)
    8:30 PM Eastern to 12:30 AM Eastern

    Why You Should Join Us
    We put alot of focus on the fundamentals of raiding, such as survival, research, and adapting well to mechanics.
    We've banned the word "RNG" from encounter discussions.
    We never recruit second-string raiders -- we have no intention of benching great applicants.
    We refine and update our strategies even after we've killed the boss.
    We recognize merit and performance, not seniority or rank, in our roster.
    We have fun in raids and have the best atmosphere, but we get serious when necessary.
    We have no drama.

    What We're Doing
    We are currently 12/12 normal modes in Cata and now working on heroics.

    What We've Done
    Gestalt has a rich raiding history in that we are the remnants and former members of the guild Eventide, which many would recognize from TankSpot.
    Heroic: Bane of the Fallen King
    Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 and 25 man)
    A tribute to Mad skill (25man)
    A tribute to Insanity. (10m)
    Observed (25 and 10 man)
    Glory of the Ulduar Raider. (25 and 10)
    Conqueror/Champion of Ulduar.
    Glory of the Raider, and Immortal.

    About Gestalt

    Gestalt is a guild with a very rich history in terms of raiding and involvement in the wow community. It is made up of the remnants and former members of the guild Eventide which was responsible for many of the guide videos on TankSpot.com. Having been under new leadership since ToC came out, we decided to make our own page in the community of WoW and thus became Gestalt, which means 'greater than the sum of all its parts' which is a clear definition of how we see our guild and each other.

    We are a progression-driven guild, built from the ground up for effective raiding. We value the fundamentals in raiding above all else, these include:
    Survival: This is the most important quality we look for in our raiders, being able to survive even if you somehow end up in a critically bad situation.
    Attentiveness: We have little patience and tolerance for those who can't pay attention to their surroundings at all times during an encounter.
    Quick to Adapt: You must learn how to adapt to mechanics quickly and effectively, learning how to best utlilize your spells and rotation in an encounter by encounter basis.
    Perform your role 'well' even around boss mechanics: We believe mechanics are never an excuse to do your job poorly.
    Knowing your class: No one should have to teach you how to play your class, in a well working unit each peice needs to pull their own weight. This means knowing how to utlilize class specific abilities such as Ice Block, blink, Feign Death etc.
    Willingness to accept and give constructive criticism: Keyword is 'constructive'. This is something we believe strongly in, if you cannot accept criticism you will never become a better player, and if you are too afraid to give it when necessary then you are doing a disservice to your guild-mates.
    Attendance: When you don't show up for raid you are letting 24 other people down. We expect a good solid attendance from all of our raiders.
    Consistency: Occasional good performance is not acceptable. Consistent good performance is necessary.
    Attitude: Last but definitely not least, a great attitude is essential for raiding with us. No one likes that one person who does nothing but complain and try to spread their poison to others.

    As players, we get frustrated with raiders who do not care about their classes as much as we do. Additionally, we are turned off by players who are prone to drama, talking in trade chat, or posting on public forums. For these reasons, we recruit only players who share our desire and ability for top performance and who honor our strict no-drama policy.

    Join Us!
    Do you know your class inside and out? Do you have a great attitude? Can you meet our raid schedule and maintain top attendance? Do you want to be surrounded by players who care about their performance as much as you do? Please apply at:

    www.gestalt-guild.com Register and click the recruitment tab above!
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