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Thread: Prot Warrior Questions

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    Prot Warrior Questions

    Hey guys I have a few prot warrior questions that I need answered if you don't mind. I did search all the questions and didn't find any solid answers.

    Stance Dancing - I stance dance every now and then to take advantage of Hamstring. Should I also be stance dancing to take advantage of Pummel, Intercept and Retaliation... or any other spell for that matter? If so are there macros that you can use that will change stances and automatically use the spell?

    Stats and reforging - Im really confused here. From what I've gathered the priority is Master>Parry>Dodge>Hit>Expertise? Is there a certain number that I should be aiming for in each to be capped? All help is appreciated. Thanks

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    Stance Dance ... never do myself .... Prot has enough tools.

    There's a primer you should take a look at in the Crit guides section for some basic info on stats. You're correct that


    but you should balance dodge and parry to around an equal % due to diminishing returns.


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    Yes, you can use stance-dancing still given it's somewhat situational. However, while off-tanking or rather while not tanking (Nefarian P2 for example) swap to Battle Stance for shorter interrupt CD, more damage output and the ability to still up-hold needed buffs and debuffs. You can also throw off Shattering Throw.

    Your list of prioritized stats looks correct.

    In terms of gear and re-forging I in general follow:
    - Aim to maximize mastery
    - If no mastery on the item, reforge the highest stat to mastery
    - If parry and mastery on an item but no dodge, reforge parry to dodge
    - Hit can be useful esp. in 10 mans. If you don't need to be able to interrupt however, reforge hit / expertise to mastery, if mastery is already on the item go for dodge.

    In terms of gemming I in general follow:
    - Blue socket: stamina
    - Yellow socket: mastery or mastery / stamina (I'm changing to the former)
    - Red socket: parry / mastery

    Hope this helps a bit

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    So what I gathered from reading the primer is that you dont need a particular number in any stat? you just want a total of 77 combined in dodge, parry and block? If I'm not at 77 does that mean I should reforge all my hit and expertise to that? or keep a healthy balance of all?

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    The only reason to stance dance as prot is for Shattering Throw. Even if you need a slow, Shield Bash provides a daze effect, you you don't need to hamstring, unless you really need a slow longer than I think 4 seconds. Additionally, at level 85, you can pick up Piercing Howl, which is a longer duration spammable AoE slow effect usable in defensive stance.

    For stats, there's some debate still on whether to stack stam or mastery, but most people seem to be leaning towards a balance, with a bit more emphasis on mastery. Most damage you take as a tank is physical boss swings, mitigated by armor and blocks, or avoided. You aren't (usually) in danger of getting globaled anymore, so you don't need as large an HP cap, and it's better to take less damage. You can pretty much avoid hit and expertise entirely if you're playing well. Armor is always a good stat too.
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