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Thread: Ready for raids?

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    Ready for raids?

    Alright, posted in here a few weeks ago for advice and took it. Have nearly everything except a trinket drop in throne of tides that I can think of that I can get from heroics. I still am contemplating getting the new BS 359 Chest plate because of the lack of mastery and sockets. I'm probably going to snag the girdle, though. Here's my armory. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...lolipwn/simple ... pwn/simple

    Just looking for some advice on weather i'm ready for beginning raiding content or not gear wise. Also, if I am getting the right way. I mostly try to stay away from stam gems excluding the 101 JC specialties. Any input on how I am gemming? Thanks in advance.
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    Your link doesn't work. Get the JP-chest and use the reputation Hyjal-melee belt, the "upgrade" from the blacksmith one is almost nonexistent.

    Trinket wise: http://www.wowhead.com/items=4.-4?fi...0:0;ma=1#0-2+1
    Snag the 333 boe from Tol'Vir at the AH and either one with mastery + x (might be spellpower, well..) until you can get your hands on the regular tanking (leaden despair, porcelain crab, throngus's finger) ones. And work hard on your Tol'Barad reputation, the trinket is really worth it.

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    son of a bitch, stupid link. thanks for the heads up, and thank you for the advice. snagged the crab from TotT.

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