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Thread: Higher FPS = more disconnects?

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    Higher FPS = more disconnects?

    Hi, just yesterday in Bastion of Twilight 25man mode, I was getting epicly low FPS due to high settings etc. I was getting about 0.3 FPS on the Halfus fight.
    Eventually I fixed the FPS issue by putting all my video settings on low and turning full screen mode on.
    This improved my FPS by enough to do some actual DPS, but it created a new problem.
    The first try after improving my FPS I got constant disconnects, even while not in combat or when the group was nowhere near any mobs.
    I got replaced by someone else and I managed to get in Stormwind without getting disconnected again, even though there was much more happening in Stormwind then there was happening in the raid.
    Does anyone have any idea on how I might be able to fix this? Since I don't think I can raid 25mans with having to choose between 0.3 FPS and constant DC'ing.

    My current PC setup is:
    • ASRock P4i65G 1.00 motherboard
    • Bus Clock: 133 MHz
    • Windows XP SP3
    • Pentium 4CPU 2.53GHz
    • 2.53GHz 2GB RAM memory
    • ASUS AH3650 512MB graphics card

    Thanks in advance, if you need anymore info, feel free to ask

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    try to fix

    how about updating your bios,i have a p4i65g also and i dont have any fpd problems
    try to use driver scanner to update your drivers,and update your bios to 1.40!wich is the latest
    you have 1.00-Oldest...

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    If you were in full-screen windowed mode, that works the pc much harder. If you are having performance issues, it is almost always better to play in non-windowed mode. I say almost always because I know of 1 player who claims the opposite for her pc. When making your settings low to test, be sure to enable Projected Textures to make fire etc under you more noticable with less graphics usage.

    The odds are, this is being caused by an addon. I would first disable all addons and see where that leaves you. If your performance is acceptable, start adding addons back in one at a time until the problem returns. The last addon enabled is the most likely culprit. This isn't guaranteed because sometimes it is two addons not playing well together and you don't see the performance hit until both are enabled. Once you find the one that seems to cause the issue, disable all BUT that one and see if the performance issues still exist. If that addon by itself does not cause issues, you have a lot of work to find the combination that is leading to the problem.

    To help with this, I HIGHLY recommend the addon Addon Control Panel. This adds a menu option to the game menu (esc). The new option in that menu is titled Addons. Using that, you can enable and disable addons with just a /reload (or /reloadui) instead of having to log off/on each time. There is even a reload button in that menu.

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    Projected textures doesn't make fire more noticeable. That's particle density. Projected texture makes the textures form things like DnD show up, even with it off you'll still have the glowey bubble red hue.Some projected textures are hardwired on, you will still see all you need to see, like consecrations, falling ice indicators, runes of power/death/summoning, ring of frosts.
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