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Thread: Windows Movie Maker issue. Looking for any help towards a solution.

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    Windows Movie Maker issue. Looking for any help towards a solution.

    I used Fraps to record some Diablo III gameplay for a video I'd like to upload to Youtube so a friend can see it.

    The video files are avi, the music laid over it is mp3, and I downloaded http://download.cnet.com/AVI-Codec-P...-10509745.html codec package. My computer is a fresh custom built system with Windows 7.

    The video is 4 minutes long. Space/memory is not an issue.

    It would save up to 10% and get stuck, then after downloading what appeared to be a shady looking codec package, it went up to 13%, and stopped again. So I uninstalled the old package and then it wouldn't even recognize avi video formats. Which led to me downloading the codec package linked above. And now it will play the formats again, but it will not even move up from 0% on the progress bar when trying to save movie file.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    PS I'm open to screen sharing on skype.

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    What are your render settings?

    Specifically format, resolution, video bitrate, audio bitrate, estimated end filesize (shouldn't be more than 100MB per minute).

    What is the hardware in your computer?

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    I've tried all the default presets available.

    Tried both MPEG-4/H-264 and WMVF

    37 mb/minute of video

    Along with a multitude of other combinations.

    Hardware is AMD FX 6100 six-core cpu at 3.3ghz, 8gig ram, and AMD Radeon hd 7900 gpu.

    All drivers are up to date.

    Note: My fraps videos save to my 1tb hdd and my windows movie maker runs on my ssd. That shouldn't make a difference though because my old pc operates the same way and windows movie maker works fine with that setup.

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