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Thread: Help finding certian damage ability modifiers

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    Help finding certian damage ability modifiers

    After looking through wowhead/thottbot, I found most of the damage ability formulas. But for 4 abilities, it only lists the base damage and then modified by AP. The problem is, I cannot quite remember what these modifiers are. If I remember correctly, shield slam is .6AP+base damage. The other three are Revenge, Heroic Throw, and Thunderclap. I think for Revenge it's .2AP+base damage, but am not sure. I like to do my own theory crafting, and not being sure what these are is driving me nuts. I tried sifting through the patch notes, but ended up lost.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    basically you just need to solve for X, where X is the AP coefficient.

    for example with heroic throw you would set up the equation like this:

    Actual damage (on a boss dummy, no debuffs on it) = Various DIM's(damage increase modifiers) * (armor DIM) * X*AP

    The Armor DIM is (26070/(26070+11977)), and as far as I am aware there aren't any DIM's that modify heroic throw's damage

    if you get a really strange x value, then that probably means that there is a +n damage in there, or you made a mistake with your math

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    Revenge = 31.05% AP
    Heroic Throw = 50% AP
    Thunder Clap = 12% AP

    Revenge is the only tricky one to calculate manually as it has a damage range.
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