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Thread: Looking for Morning raiding guild

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    Looking for Morning raiding guild


    Blood Spec DK Tank or Pro/Holy paladin LF a dedicated raiding guild.
    I'm able to raid any day beside Thursday. and maximum of 3 days a week.
    My play timings are from 8:00AM to 1:00PM PST.

    I'm willing to XFER/Fraction change to your server if and only if I eventually get a spot to raid 10 mans OR 25 mans. I'm also looking for DEDICATION so downing bosses is a must.

    I'm not the best geared DK or Pally out there, but I guarantee I don't think I'd be a disappointment. i've got the skills and I've been playing a DK since the first day of WoTLK came up and playing my paladin for the past 5 years now.

    I'm willing to respec if the guild needs me to, and yes, i do have DPS gear. "its not that bad"

    I promise I will be a dedicated and helpful player. I will be on every raid day as long as they fit within the time I'm looking for.

    Note: Feel free to post on this thread, or send me an in game mail and i'll get back to you ASAP.
    "you can email me too on abbas771@hotmail.com"
    i also have a Priest, War and Lock, but they're pretty low geared.

    Thank you for looking on my Thread, and I hope someone needs a DK/Pally Tank.
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    Hey Komalian,

    Sounds like you should check out daytimeraiding.com I think you'll find several guilds that raid at the times you're noting.
    officerchat.org - Guild leadership blog and community
    daytimeraiding.com - Definitive daytime raiding resource

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