Hello World!

The Demon Knights of Silver Hand (www.demonknights.org) is a Horde guild created day 2 of Classic. We are a casual raiding guild with two 10 man raids w/ fixed rosters. We are looking to expand, and seek like minded individuals!

We have been consistently playing WoW through all expansions and have a solid and dedicated leadership and member base. We are looking for more like-minded members for the Cataclysm expansion.

In DK, we care more about the person playing than what toon they play. Our motto: Friends, first and foremost. While we don't consider ourselves to be a hard-core raiding guild, we do raid and we take it seriously. The focus of the guild is friends, fun, and community. We have two active 10-man raids, and are looking to expand into 25.

To get a feel for who we are as a guild, I invite you to read about us at www.demonknights.org.

Thank you.