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Thread: Deathplate vs Hauberk

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    Deathplate vs Hauberk

    Have read this site for an incredibly long time but never really posted. I could not find a definitive answer anywhere online for this so figured why not.

    As a Warrior tank I have read and discovered that stacking mastery is currently the way to go. It smooths out damage so much and makes it less stressful on the healers. Warriors over at EJ are stacking mastery even up to 3200~rating.

    I have the mats for one of the epic crafted chests, but cannot decide which one to get. - I would be replacing the JP blue piece. (I probably wouldn't get the epic, but the patch is adding a socket to make it better.)

    Elementium Deathplate: 3426armor, 341str, 512stam, 228crit(Would reforge to Parry), 228mastery


    Elementium Hauberk: 3426armor, 341str, 512stam, 228parry, 228expertize(reforge to mastery)

    Is it just me, or with mastery stacking being so good, and the ability to reforge.. the DPS chest would be better overall for tanking?

    Trying to get this sorted before tomorrows raid where we are working on our 4th and 5th 'progression' bosses. Help is very much appreciated! =)

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    Okay here is something to think about.
    When they add the socket, and it has a favorable socket bonus (if any), can you use the DPS chest for a DPS spec or will it end up being "dead weight" for you?

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    My offspec is PvP oriented, so if the tank chest somehow became better with the socket then the hauberk would be DE'd. I need to know which would be more favorable to get for now, and the next weeks until the patch. Gold is an easy thing to get,a s are Truegolds. And the only socket bonus that could make the tank one better that I could think of would be a mastery bonus, since mastery is currently god, no?

    If I had both chestpieces right now, and bot reforged to be tank oriented.. which should I wear? That may more since put that way =p

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    No other opinions? =p

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    For me, and this is my opinion, I would personally compare the stats of both the chests and then determine how the mastery would effect the tank chest. If the mastery does increase the tank chest to something better than the pvp one, then use it. If gold and truegold aren't an issue, see what you can do to fiddle around to find which one is better overall. If you have to sacrifice a none-too-essential stat then that's fine. They're both just fine though so I believe either would be a good choice.

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