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Thread: Gently addressing issues

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    Gently addressing issues

    So it's like this. I am the GM for my guild and most everyone in my guild are friends of mine in RL. For the most part we run together because it's fun, but many of us also have a driving desire to run end-game content. We want to start raiding again but some of my members are not performing the way they need to in order for us to be successful. There is one person who gets butt hurt anytime someone tries to offer him help on improving, and another who constantly jumps the gun to start DPS. It's so nerveracking! As the GM and MT for my guild I get frustrated with them sometimes but never let it show. Myself and a couple others have tried to offer help to "Mr. Sensitive" including pointing to resources that will help him improve his DPS without coming out and saying "Sorry bro, but you suck". Unfortunately nothing seems to work and his "oops, my bad" mistakes are getting tiresome. I am really not sure how to address him because he has been my friend since High School (for me that's a long time since I graduated in '95...lol) and he is EXTREMELY sensitive. As far "Mr. Jumpy" is concerned I have made several round-about comments about how much more difficult threat building is in Cata vs Wrath, and how important it is that DPS needs to wait for me to actually HIT the mob before they start in on them. Neither of them are getting the hint and I am at a loss for what to. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    in my opinion, dont dance around the problem. tell them straight out where the need improvment and any tips or links that would help them. dont do it in a mean way but dont just drop subtle hints. what i ussually do is whisper the person and say something along the lines of "hey i noticed your dps was a little low and was wondering what your rotation is so we can work together to get you up a little" or "i noticed your jumping the gun and pulling threat alot and wanted to let you know that you have to give the tank more time, so next time run in an auto attack/wand while u count to 3 before u start doing your rotation". if either of them take it as an insult and get butthurt then just tell them not to fix it and they wont have to hear from you again. just my 2 cents though

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    Try to talk to him, especially if you know him IRL. I know that some people are hopeless from personal experience but maybe he will understand that he is pissing everyone around and will try to do something about this. I know that some threats of kick or even kick from raid can make miracles about person performance, maybe try this...

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