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Thread: Guild Recruitment/Active Player Issue

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    Guild Recruitment/Active Player Issue

    I am in a 10 man raiding guild that has a serious issue: We are currently sitting at around 8-9 core players who are able to login for our raids (2 night a week for a total of 8 hours). However we have been unsuccessful with recruiting new players once Cataclysm came out and are stuck; we are unable to raid because we dont have the manpower to kill stuff but our recruiting efforts arent getting us anywhere because we havent progressed on our server.

    Any advice?

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    If it's a choice between a raid and no raid I'd say take a PUG or 2. Obviously inspect them before hand, maybe check for an achievment of first couple bosses killed or something from older expansions that show they have at least half a brain. Firstly you may find someone that wants to join the guild through that or once you get a few kills the interest should pick up.

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