Guys i got tonsīo ideas and tonsīo questions

we all know about the nerfs and buffs that will come with the new patch and the mechanichs of heroic dungeons and raids so lets start this with some organization:

Not many changes but iīm questioning if the 2 points in Incite on protection tree still worth it, with the 20% nerf on heroic strike and the redirection of the war academy buff from heroic strike to raging blow the talent isnīt effective that it was before.
Other point of view is that the cataclysm expansion is forcing us to use our rage with caution, the Incite proc needs 2 heroic strike to make it work good and if you didnīt proced battle trance it will rage starve you and make you unable to interrupt something that probably wipe your heroic dungeon/raid team (Halfus wyrmbreakerīs shadow nova, arcanotronīs arcane annihilator, Corla, Herald of twilightīs Dark command).
In my thoughts i made a conclusion that in patch 4.0.6 drums of war will take the incite talent points, since pummel will get free for use and you will get rude interruption for no rage cost, it will make warriors one of the best interrupters in cataclysm since he can interrupt without much dps loss.
The next talent that i want discuss is Heroic fury that i saw in tankspotīs video on youtube:
The use for heroic fury is mobility as we watch in the video, but i fell piercing howl would be better then heroic fury since it affects all trash/add in a fight and donīt need a target to use it, i use this to help kite slimes in toxitron fight and it works just fine so the suggestion here is to put the talent point in piercing howl instead heroic fury. (we have heroic leap with we need to do a second instant move).
I have heard many people saying that the fury dps rotation is easy and you donīt need to have a brain to do it, WRONG. As we already know the rage management is the trick here and you have to pay attention to optimize the use of your procs. With the impossibility to get the hit cap for safe rage management and the constant danger of being rage starved, the rotation can be very random and itīs very dependant of your procs and need a smart use of Colossus smash.
so i will refresh some points to start talking about
important procs:
Battle Trance: after a bloodthirst any ability that costs more then 5 rage will be free
Enrage: Melee hits gives you 10% more damage (and a enrage effect of course)
Bloodsurge: instant and free slam.
Incite: 100% next HS crit.

the usual rotation is BT-> RB-> BT, Free slam to fill the rotation gaps, Battle/Command Shout to fill the gaps and prevent rage starvation, Berserker rage to keep raging blow in full uptime and gain some rage, Heroic strke when you get more then 75 rage (i prefer 65 rage for a Heroic strike), and execute spam at 20% (i have some questions here too), Colossus smash, some people say that you must use it whenever is up, other people say that you need to use it just before burning damage cds and when you know that you will use 3-4 skills right after it.

with a battle trance proc we should only use 4 skills after BT:
the usual raging blow and you keep going in the rotation;
a heroic strike if your raging blow in cd;
a colossus smash if you got big incoming of rage and raging blow with up cd so you can spent immediatly raging blow heroic strke and another BT for better use of your full armor penetration (pray for a slam and a battle trance proc here);
a execute obviously;
since slams are already free and still consumes your battle trance proc you shouldnīt use slam right after a BT, watch proc first, and since your free BT canīt proc a second battle trance you shouldnīt use BT with the proc.
Enrage: buffs your dps and enable your RB, no questions here, just watch when enrage wears off to use your berserker rage.
Bloodsurge: free hit, use it, just donīt mess your rotation and try to use it always before your BT hit to get more procs, more procs more dps and more rage for your heroic strike and execute spamming.
Incite: next heroic strike 100% critical, big damage numbers, dreadful rage starvation, if the second HS comes with a white miss attack of your main hand you will destroy your rotation mechanics, i think when we get hit hard cap and 30% more critical this talent will worth the points (since we will get no rage starvation and no worries on interrupting and keeping the rotation up with the procs).

(right now i got tired)

well gear stats, one of the most argumentative matters of the warrior in cataclysm,
iīm not discussing other builds.
Hit soft cap 8% (miss a yellow hit and i kill ya)
Strenght (u can even get the hit hard cap but not at the cost of stranght plz)
Expertise cap 26 (get a yellow hit dodged and i kill ya)
High end damage weapon (focus 3.8 speed two-handers)
Hit hard cap 27%(impossible right now)
Crit (rage regeneration, buff up both yellow and white dps table)
Mastery (just in 4.0.6 when it will get 0.9% more effects per mastery point then raging blow, enrage and death wish will turn into a monster dps buttons (yeah i know RB gonna get nerfed, but will get buffed and with enough mastery it will hit much harder then 4.0.3));
Haste (rage regeneration, only buff your white dps, i think itīs already the last on the priority of warrior TG fury stats).

Iīm not discussing glyphs, i totally aggre with the tankspot guide.

well following this mechanics i could get among the top dps players in any raid that i go with an ilvl of 349, and my actual record was 15,5k dps on asaad in heroic vortex pinnacle (buffed up with lust of course)
my unbuffed stats are

2 346 ilvl two-handers 3.8 seconds
3832 str + 110 ap
19,51% hit
20,22% crit
26 expertise
11.85 mastery
00,00% haste

i donīt really know if that dps is really good or not, cata itīs still too new and it need more attention, i hope someone could read it and coment, show your points of view to make this thread work