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Thread: [H] Dusk Ronin, Social Raiding Guild @ Ragnaros-EU LFM

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    [H] Dusk Ronin, Social Raiding Guild @ Ragnaros-EU LFM

    Dusk Ronin: an established guild on the EU server Ragnaros are currently recruiting players certain to join our Social / Raiding guild (level 11 at moment of posting). Unlike a lot of other guilds on our realm that focus solely on getting epics, we like to focus on both the social AND the raiding side of World of Warcraft. We are able to get both done ...

    Our guild is mainly made up of UK based players (a lot of them are over 30) but we also encourage and welcome players from anywhere in Europe, thus reflecting the international nature of this game. Currently we have players from the UK, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, USA, Holland, Belgium, Greece, and more. Also noteworthy is that a lot of players have experienced the Classic and TBC days. We are well established on Ragnaros and are on route to achieving great things here. But we’re only really looking for certain types of players, and they would be:
    • Mature players ONLY. Dusk Ronin is a Mature guild with Adult players, we don't take epic grabbing, prepubescent emo kids (therefore minimum age guide around 18)
    • LvL 85's ONLY, as we don't help players level up so they can join us
    • EXCELLENT , DEDICATED & MATURE PLAYERS of most classes, BUT TANKS and MELEE DPS are of particular importance to us at the moment of posting this message.
    • We must stress you MUST be serious about raiding, if you're not, best not to bother applying. Bring raid-stamina, we don't cope well with people who can't take a wipe.
    • Be of a social, friendly nature and have the ability and desire to make new friends and communicate.
    • Be non sexist, non racist, non homophobic
    In WotLK we earned the Kingslayer title in both ICC 10 & ICC 25 + many bosses on HC mode in both 10 & 25 man. We are currently concentrating on the new 4.0.3 CATACLYSM content, but offer a wide and varied set of activities within the guild.

    We raid Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays between the hours of 20:00 to 23:00 (GMT+1), these times are prompt start and finishing times. We have only just started on the new 25 man content, and successfully downed new bosses on our first raid. There's a lot of progression to be done which makes this an exciting period with a lot of motivated players, eager to get their hands dirty.

    We use an EPGP lootsystem, to ensure everyone is rewarded fairly.

    • Long term stability, 7th year as a raiding social guild
    • Same Guild Master for over 6 years
    • We have a great dedicated VT server and a working, active forum
    • We're all adults and have players from all over the World, from America, to Russia
    • We hold regular in real life meetings to strengthen our social side of the guild... (involves getting drunk :-))

    If you require any more information, please feel free to drop by our forums: http://www.duskronin.com and read the guilds FAQ's or whisper in game any member of the guild who'll direct you towards one of our officers.

    P.S. The better the application, the better the chance of you getting in.... Half-hearted, can't be bothered apps ALWAYS get thrown out.
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