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Thread: I need help with my warrior?

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    I need help with my warrior?

    I just hit 85 and im looking to get better at tanking...does anyone know where I could find better gear thats none heroic?...and is there anyone that could help me out with a good rotation?...lol...I need help im going to be raiding soon and i would like to be ready for that....thank you to whoever can help...

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    Blacksmiths can craft the epic 359 tanking chest/belt/shield. Check the AH for the world drop BoE 359 shield/shoulders. Get your Reps up; each of the factions except for Earthen ring have an epic bit of gear, Earthen rinf have our head enchant at revered.

    single target Priority is (assuming nothing special needs stunning/fearing/interupting/reflecting) Shield slam, Rev>Dev for the two GCDs after an SS, and then shockwav> Rend(with +30% bleed buff)>Heroic Throw> Concussion Blow > Rend (no +30% bleed buff)> Rev > Dev, while weaving in Demo shout/thunderclap Debuffs if they arent up and keeping Inner Rage and shield Block up as much as possible and Using HS as much as possible without rage starving yourself, and interupting/reflecting/Disarming as possible to reduce incoming damage.

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    I may get yelled at for suggesting this, BUT....

    A good way to get your hps up and your ilvl up when just getting out of 85 is the AH... Look at the plate pvp gear. It has a ton of stam and etc... It isn't the best out there, and you'll want to replace it quickly, but it WILL patch up your ability to tank for a short time and make things easier out of the gate. You can boost your hps a ton from greens etc.

    The shield is worth it; AND it is very cheap... recommend getting it and never looking back... Easily the best drop you'll have for the slot until raiding.

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    Using the PvP gear will not really help you tank heroics as you will increase damage and health but lose out on avoidance/mastery. Healing is hard enough as is, you show up in PvP gear and you are likely to be unhealable.
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    Gear planning

    I made a reference sheet to help plan out my gear progression. Run normals that give 333 gear instead of randoms. HOO is a good one. Also, wear a rep tabard and quest for rep when not with a group. As your gear gets better, you can introduce more difficult dungeons. Work with guildies for help with crafted gear.

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    Ok My Nub Question in here, I am only 84, so the gear planning guide I saw tho epic, doesn't work for about half a level. but Like the OP i am returning to tanking, seeing as my guild needs a tank. my issue is, somethings missing, i can't put my finger on it. so any advice would be helpful. At 85 i do have the shield/chest from BS already, i just need to survive till then. I am at work now, so I haven't got my enchants done yet just an FYI


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    PVP gear in PVE heroics = unhappy healer

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