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Thread: Prot Warrior in troubles... with heroics

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    Prot Warrior in troubles... with heroics

    Is my warrior ready for Heroic?
    It seem i'have the gears...
    I just tried some (3) and i'm so squishy and i lost threat on boss fight.

    I do this rotation :
    --> BR, Charge, SS, dev(3x), REV, CB, Rend, DEmo S... (SB when on)
    and i still lose threat...


    Tank you for the advice.

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    Gear is fine ( and enchanted to boot )..

    Were the DPS giving you time to build threat, or did you pull and they went full out ?

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    Prot Warrior in troubles... with heroics

    Squishy how? How many mobs are you fighting? Are you blowing CDs?
    Are you using CC at all?

    When I first ran in heroics I know that I couldn't really take 4 mobs beating on me with most healers. Due to mana or the amount of damage incoming. Some mobs hit harder than bosses.

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    When u first start out these new heroics are insane so cc is highly advised. Then as you and your guild/freinds etc get better unless it's a real big pack cc is less important. With cata our threat lvls are high but still I would advise u asking your dps to wait 2-3 secs for you to slap out a few big hits whether that be with blood and thunder or cleave. With cc if u have 1 or 2 able ro do it in party it's deff a little bit o a headstart u need to grab the free ones and pull em safely away so cc isn't broken by aoe.
    Your gear as poster above noted in fine so it seems to be execution is prob. Try one of the "easier" heroics like lost city or halls but think you just need time and confidence to know you can hold the mobs.
    B&T and cleave will usually hold a pack if dps are following marks and being good.

    Good luck.
    So long and thanks for all this fish

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    CC helps so much when you're starting out your heroic adventure, I ran initially with a combo out of rogue/mage/hunter/warrior; Dealing with 1 mob a pack for the most part. If the ball is in your court that you could call on some friends/guildies to run with rather than using LFG and try to tailor your CC needs until you gear up you'll probably find your experience better, not to mention friends/guildies generally won't explode in a rage should you lose aggro and are more inclined to listen should you ask them to give you a few seconds to build a threat buffer.

    Just as a personal preference I enjoyed picking up Blitz and combining it with an Intervene or Heroic Leap then charging back, saved my life a few times when both my parry/dodge where under < 10% each.

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