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Thread: BiS List?

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    BiS List?

    I have been looking for a Prot warrior BiS list for T11 content and have not found any. Could anybody post one? or direct me to one?

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    Are you looking for a pre-raid list, or a list that includes access to raid level gear? If it's the latter, it will not be complete, as I don't think all the loot has been discovered yet.
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    I am looking for raid level gear, 359 ilvl BiS gear.

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    Might want to take a look at RAWR then. They have a pretty extensive list and you could easily come up with your own BiS list off that, based on what you place your more important values in.

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    Professions: JC/BS for the maximum versatility, or going with Alchemy for another +mastery trinket.
    Reforging: every hit, expertise or parry -> dodge
    Just pick the pieces the maximum of avoidance/mastery on it -> Chardev.profil. You can argue about the 4 piece bonus, but neither legs/shoulder/helmet have any mastery on it so it's up to you.

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    77.3% unhittable so for warriors will be damn near unhittable with shield block up (could replace 1 mastery/stam gem with parry/mastery to get last .01%). 4 piece just because it would come in handy for a general purpose set. trinkets can change based on what fight with tol barad trinket replacing vial for heavy magic fights.

    this is what i'm aiming for anyways for a base set, switching legs/helm/shield out as needed for more threat/hit cap if i have to interrupt.
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    in my current setup i'm already at 5% miss, 9.27% dodge, 12.38% parry, and 52.1% block, so i'm 78.75% unhittable, with shield block i'm already carrying over into crit block, so i'm really happy with my progress. I've dipped a little in HP by making some gem changes, but it hasn't seemed to be noticed by the healers yet, and has really smoothed my damage intake, especially when i keep shield block on cd, i'm basically unhittable 1/3 of the time, and only 23% hittable the other 2/3 of the time

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