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Thread: Pitbull 4.0 Question

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    Pitbull 4.0 Question

    I downloaded it and have been fiddling around with it a bit, and I have a few questions:

    1) How can I disable the target's target function?

    2) I am a death knight, currently my runes sit on top of my health/RP/rep bar. Is there anyway to increase the size of the runes to roughly the same size as the health bar?

    3) I know I am a night elf death knight. I don't need the text over my RP bar telling me so. Is there anyway to modify/remove the text on the bars? I like the percentage and the numbers, but I don't need it labeling something so obvious.

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    doing this from memory ( and i haven't used pitbull in a while -- ) so i might be a bit off...

    interface addons pitbull expand it.
    (might be a tab called units)
    look for ToT unclick enable

    never played a DK but there probably a runes tab where you can resize them
    under unit-player-bars

    look for unit -player
    unclick enable on name race etc

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    can u just uncheck enable in the target target section? i haven't used pitbull 4.0 since last year but thats all i did then

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    Re: Pitbull 4.0 Question

    1. I believe there is a Unit called "target's target" -- uncheck enable

    2. Check Layout Editor -> indicators

    3. Explained already...

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