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Thread: Need help with Hunter UI

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    Need help with Hunter UI

    I've been trying for the longest time to find a compilation that would only need minimal tweeking for a hunter. I also play a shaman on my off time so I need something that's well rounded and bounces between classes easily. I cannot seem to find a hunter pack, or configure multiple addons to create my own easily. If there's anyone who's seen something that might be helpful please let me know.

    ... By the way I don't want something like spartan Ui. I'm looking for something cleaner, but still interesting at the same time.

    - Thanks

    I currently use some of these:
    Prat 3.0
    Button Facade
    Bartender 4
    Titan Panel
    Sexy Map or Pminimap
    Rating Buster
    Kgpanels ( when I have the time to configure)
    Auction Lite

    I know I have more but cannot think of them off the top of my head right now.

    - Again Thanks
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