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Thread: Chest choice for raids

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    Chest choice for raids

    Hey everyone.

    Im coming close to get my 2,2k VP and im struggling to pick first choices.
    I check new BoE drops and seems few are really great.

    If we look at chests there is piece of:



    Should i buy boe chest and for example take tier11 gloves/legguards maybe ring or tier11 chest is the only first option.

    Currently using JP 346 chest.

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    I'm assuming you meant to link the T11 tank chest as opposed to the DPS one. I would wait and get the T11 tank chest. The T11 chest has a lot of mastery on it and mastery is the best stat for survival atm. The Icebone is somewhat weak in my opinion and its survival stats aren't great. The T11 also has a good bit more strength which provides extra parry rating. So with T11 it's: More mastery, more stamina, more strength, less parry, less hit(not really an important stat atm).

    A good choice is the tank chest off Beauty in heroic BRC if you're saving up valor points. It's got parry and mastery.

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    Agreed, I am currently using the Icebone because it dropped and the other tank had his tier chest already. I chose to buy tier legs first that way I would need chest and the other tank would need pants and our gearing needs wouldn't match.

    Since Icebone dropped the stats from other pieces purchasable with valors still provide more stat bonuses than the chest however I will be buying the Tier chest asap. As Ham said the stats are far superior to Icebone.
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