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Thread: Looking for some constructive criticism

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    Looking for some constructive criticism

    I'm the main tank for my small 10 man casual guild. I've fished up most of the upgrades I can from heroics (still need trinkets and maybe a better ranged weapon) and justice points, but I'm interested in some feedback on gems, enchants and reforging. I don't feel like I'm very difficult to heal, but anything I could do to make myself easier to keep up would be awesome. My character : Musclebndfrk

    So far I've mostly stacked stamina in my gem slots and reforged my gear into either parry or mastery, depending on what's present on the piece. A couple pieces I reforged hit into expertise just to see if there was a major threat benefit, but since I'm not having threat problems either way I may reforge it back to mastery or parry.

    Right now I'm (slowly) leveling my enchanter and still using wrath level enchants on some pieces, since I had plenty of scrolls enchanted anyway and they don't sell for shit. Anyway, if I'm completely off base on my stat priorities or whatever I figure this would be as good a place as any to check, appreciate the advice
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