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Thread: Paladin Tanking, my Gear etc

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    Paladin Tanking, my Gear etc

    Hi just a quick post for some advice on my current gear/stats, and what i can do to improve regards to the stats/reforging.



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    If you're looking to maximise your survivability (which you should be for raiding), you should be looking to maximise your mastery.

    You don't need threat stats at all in raids; with <3% hit, 2 expertise, popping Seal of Insight and using Holy Power on WoG rather than ShoR after the first 30 seconds or so, I'm still miles ahead of the DPS on threat. This is a common experience.

    I would advise reforging your hit and expertise to mastery where possible. Any piece with dodge and parry, such as your chest, should have the higher avoidance stat reforged to mastery. On pieces such as your neck which have a load of one avoidance stat and a little of a threat stat, it's your call on which one to reforge. You'll get more combat table coverage from reforging the dodge to mastery (rather than reforging the expertise), but the dodge is useful and the expertise isn't. Similar logic applies to your shoulders.

    Glove enchant should be Mastery, not Expertise, and the Engineering tinker (armour for 12 seconds on a 1 minute cooldown; I have mine macro'd into Divine Protection) is very nice. The Rocket Boost (whatever it's called these days) tinker to belt is also useful. Both of those stack with existing enchants.

    Talents: I'm not a fan of Hallowed Ground. It's a terrible single target threat talent and you shouldn't need to Consecrate to hold aggro in AoE situations. I'd also find the points for Eternal Glory somewhere (personally, I'd take them from Seals of the Pure, as threat talents are devalued in an environment where threat generation is trivial), and Pursuit of Justice is also highly recommended.

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    Re: Paladin Tanking, my Gear etc


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