First off, thank you for your interest in Epidemic.

We are a raiding guild. We formed and started raiding on September 16th, 2006. Almost FIVE years later we are still here and still raiding.

We will spend as little time on trash pulls in a raid setting and move quickly. If you are slow, have bad connection issues, or frame rates, you might not be able to keep up with our pace. We try to keep vent clear during boss fights and fill our required raid goal for the night.

We raid Monday-Thursday 9 to 12 est for Grp1 and 10 to 1am EST for Grp2w. 10 Mans are our main focus. We are aiming for two well rounded 10 man groups. Why 10 mans? It drops the same ilvl as 25 and they seem more fun to us.

Due to the size and multiple raids we will running; we've decided to phase out DKP. We ran a DKP system pre-BC to Wrath but we no longer see a need in Cata.

If you are passionate about joining I suggest you show interest. Filling out this app and registering on the forums is a huge step. Sending Officers whispers and not wanting to go through our recruiting process will show us that you are lazy and not willing to prove yourself. We will not make exceptions. We do not care if you were the main tank of such and such guild or the top dps of that "guild". We will trial you just like everyone else.

When filling out this application I highly suggest checking your armory link and making sure it's accurate. Applying in full resilience gear and pvp trinkets/gems on, you will get denied and sent on your way. Put your pve gear on, have the right and best gems, enchants, and spec. Log out. Armory will update. We will not hunt you and check out your pve gear. We do not have time to do this.

When your app is accepted; you will be set to a trial status within the guild. This is your chance to show your commitment to the guild and how you can contribute to our efforts. Since you are trial this does not guarantee you a raid spot nor does it guarantee you loot that night even if you do raid. You are a trial and you are there to show us what your capable of.

You bring your A game and we'll bring ours.

Current needs:

Ranged DPS
Resto Druid
Holy Paladin

Feel free to apply at

Thanks for your interest!!