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Thread: Holy Priest Guildie

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    Holy Priest Guildie

    One of my guild friends is having a hard time picking up healing in Cataclysm as Holy. I have already directed her towards Aliena's 4.0.3 Updated post on Holy in Cata. Tonight I plan on helping her reforge her current gear, and discuss possible talent point replacements. Our guild is casual and we are just finishing up heroics/possibly looking at starting 10m raids. She would be one of the healers to attend these raids, but with the problems she has been having going OOM/other issues she is deciding if she wants to continue playing the game or just cancel her account.

    What I am looking for is any other tips and tricks that other Holy priests have picked up on running heroics and 10m that will help her out. Thank you for your time.


    (I don't think the armory has updated recently... I already know about reforging, enchants and the missing couple talent points.)

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    It was hard for all of us as a fresh 85. It will get better with gear and experience.


    - I wouldn't spend talent points in Inner Sanctum. It's nice but not as strong as some of the options like Veiled Shadows (which I recommend for mana efficiency in raids) and Darkness (good for throughput).

    - Flash Heal is a weak, weak glyph. Replace it with Guardian Spirit or Lightwell, both of which are tailored around raiding but hey, at least they're spell we actually use!

    - Body and Soul is a 2/2 or go home talent, and given our slim pickins for optional talents early on in the tree, it's pretty much mandatory.

    - Missing lots of enchants. Every little bit matters especially early on when you're scraping for mana.

    - Alchemist stone has 0 mana, I would look to replace it with an int or spirit trinket as soon as possible. If she's up it (more correctly, if she can find a competent tank for it - most pug tanks fail on Ozruk) she should run H Stonecore for that trinket. Intellect with a spirit proc = dead sexy!

    - Gemming should be like this: red sockets Brilliant (pure int), yellow sockets Artful (int/mastery) or Reckless (int/haste), and blue sockets Purified (int/spirit). Every socket bonus is worth taking unless it's something like 10 crit rating.

    - Reforging like you mentioned. Every piece that does not have spirit should be reforged to have it, and reforge all her crit to either haste or mastery.

    - Whitecrest Gumbo (60 spirit food) is your best friend in heroics at least until you get more gear. It's very cheap (Blood Shrimp costs maybe 1g apiece on the servers my toons are on) and gives a decent boost to one of your core stats.

    Ultimately though, it just comes down to getting more gear and experience. If she's using Flash Heal in anything but dire emergencies, that's a large part of the problem - it's a horribly inefficient spell. Greater Heal is much better.

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    Thanks for your help... I passed on all your information.

    And we got her the egg tonight in Grim Batol!

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