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Thread: New guide/Best place to learn?

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    New guide/Best place to learn?

    As my guild finally has a number of tanks available, I may only need to re-spec occassionally into prot for backup duties (we have 2 tank-only guidlies).

    I have very few PvP acheives and figure this is a good time to start looking at them.

    I just have no idea how to start. The Arms PvP guide is a year old and I don't have a clue as to where to start researching.

    The basic concept is easy:

    Gear +Res +Mast>Crit gear it sounds like
    Go arms

    But there is so much I don't know.

    Obviously it's a 2-hand weapon, but is it a very slow 2-hand, or a 3.3ish 2hand or does that not matter?

    Gemming - red = str, purlple = str/mastery, orange = str/crit? Resiliance/stamina?

    Do you stance dance much?

    Do you save CDs for when you get the opponent to X HP, or do you burst at the beginning, forcing them to blow CDs?

    If you know of good guides, places to research, that would help a lot.

    An introduction into WarTanking (no longer updated as I've retired from WoW - the concepts will still be mostly accurate but the numbers no longer will be.) - http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...101-The-Primer

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    From what I"ve been told since Cata's release (even for my warrior) weapon speed doesn't mean much.. Could be wrong.

    As for gems, red = str, and IMHO go with what you'd like for the purple/orange.. just don't go too overboard with it... apparently there's a new melee str dps meta coming with thhis patch that requires (I think the blue post read) either 3 reds, or more reds than blues. So you should be fine unless you want to toss some extra resil or stam in the mix.

    As an Arms warrior, stance dancing is pretty much the entire playstyle of the toon. Example: It's pretty awesome to charge the EFC in WSG/TP, Intercept that priest/lock who's about to get a fear bomb off on you, then Intervene your pocket healer who's about to get nuked by a DK, then leap back to the EFC for an extra stun, then throwdown. GG. That usually works... BUT this patch is pretty much changing all that sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo I'd wait to see how this patch is/goes. I'd say test it out with a buddy in your party and training dummies.

    As for CDs, it's great to pop deadly calm and rek after a throwdown.

    All of this is my opinion, it's my playstyle so if anyone doesn't like it, then QQ.

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