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Thread: Numbers and Spec

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    Numbers and Spec

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for some advice on a couple of elements as I work to build my Deathknight into a raid ready Cataclysm Tank. I think I have gotten myself confused with my numbers and would welcome everyones input in straightening them out.

    As far as I am aware I am aiming for 8% hit to be capped?
    I am also aiming for 20% parry and 20% dodge? (not sure on the dodge parry numbers).
    I am finding it hard to balance stats into my mastery as well which is currently 13.45 (I think that is quite low tbh). Am I also correct is trying to retain 26-27 expertise??

    I also have a question about speccing and trying to take Morbidity from Unholy. Is it the case that when you build for Lichborn (which I previously was) you can get that 5% additional healing from the glyph? Or can you get another 5% by trying to take mobidiy (which is impossible due to the number of points you ahve to spend)?

    My apologies for all the questions but I am a bit crossed eye with all this :S

    Thanking you all in advance.

    Note: Do not judge my character at the moment as she is in a mix of gear with off balanced gems and missing enchants as I am literally building her at the moment hence the required info.


    Thanks again.

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    Numbers and Spec

    8% will make you hit capped
    Getting to 20% in dodge and parry before raid gear is not going to happen at this point I think when I started raiding I was sitting roughly at 10% in both after getting some gear and reruning I am now sitting with 12% dodge and 18% parry
    26 expertise will make it so bosses will not dodge you
    Also I have question to anything looking at this who has a DK tank do you think Rune of Swordshattering is the way to go at this point since the 4% flat parry is pretty nice considering I was unable to get it over 15% parry prior to reruning and the fact that healers are running OOM a lot more these days making them less able to fill up a large health bars?
    Another question is what do you think we should be aiming for with mastery I was shooting for Deathstrikes giving me 100% of healed as a shield but my mastery is currently low for I Reforged it to give me hit and expertise figuring if I miss a Deathstrike I get none of healing or shields?
    I know I added two questions but I did manage to give you the numbers you were looking for and some slight insight as to why I think their important since DS is our block

    http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../adaliz/simple is my toon if you wanted to look

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    One thing to remember with Dodge and Parry are the diminished returns, so it will always take your lowest number. It's important to try and keep the numbers as close as possible, in your case you should reforge and gem towards bringing your dodge number up. You might be better off dropping Shattering for Gargolye at this point to relieve some of your parry.

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    You're aiming a little high. 20% dodge and parry each is not really feasible when considering all the other stats you need to play around with.

    Look at it this way, you're in blues with a couple epics and a green. You are not going to reach all the desirable caps immediately - Rome wasn't built in a day.

    If you're going to use a yellow gem, make it mastery not dodge. Your gemming is a little strange - straight +60 stam gems in mostly everything ignoring socket bonuses, yet you're reforging for expertise. You should use more hybrid gems - purple exp/stam in reds, green mastery/stam in yellows. Maybe even some pure mastery gems, as yours is low.

    Look at your helm - you have a +60 stam gem in there, when it's a red socket with +30 dodge socket bonus. 60 stam vs. 30 stam and 20 expertise rating and 30 dodge rating, unless you're in serious hard-mode content (where healers are much more geared and powerful) I would aim for the nice balance of stats rather than straight stam stacking.

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