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Thread: Warr Tank - Hit, Expertise, or Neither

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    Warr Tank - Hit, Expertise, or Neither

    I've done a fair amount of raiding so far but have yet to get any drops. Still working on 346, 359 crafted/BoE gear. All of it is reforged currently to Mastery wherever I can. I think I'm sitting at 9.5/12/53 +/-. My hit rating is at 5% and Expertise at 13 (or so). I really have no issues with threat other than the first 10 GCDs or so when dps is pre-potting etc. When looking over some of the top guilds and the prot warriors in them I see a mixture of what I would expect. Some reforged/gemmed to expertise cap, but only 2% hit rating. Some hit cap, but only 3 expertise. And then others such as myself with huge mastery rating, but only 3-5% hit and sub 10 expertise.

    While I'm not looking for definitive gemming/chanting answers (especially since theorycrafting is rather early on in this tier), I'm just curious what this community thinks. If you were to pick hit or expertise - which would it be? If you would vote for niether - why?

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    Screw them both in situations of threat. There are no more bosses that parry gib anymore so Expertise is not needed for survival and vengeance easily covers any threat issues that pop up.

    I do switch my trinkets to cap hit for a couple of specific fights where there are interrupts though. Namely Ascendant Council, Omnitron, Halfus, and Nefarion. I would not bother if we did them in 25 man though, but in 10 man having the extra interrupt is key.

    My normal mitigation gear puts me at something like a whopping 1% hit and 6 (3 from human) expertise though. I'd get rid of it all if the game would let me.

    I think right now the only tossup is on Gems as there are people still gemming full stam and people gemming full mastery and both are succeeding at heroic raid bosses so both are viable, the question is which is better.
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    Im putting also everything into stamina and mastery or other def stat.. so far no problem

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    .7% hit and 14 expertise and as long as i get a misdirect for the pull i have 0 threat issues in 25 mans.

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    The only reforging I've done it change some Hit into Expertise. I do look at gear with Hit/Exp all ready on it as inferior though.
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    Regarding hit it comes down to if your raid needs you to interrupt or not. Forget about expertise for now.

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