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Thread: 4 Piece for Tanks... is it worth it?

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    4 Piece for Tanks... is it worth it?

    This question is pretty straight forward, although I'd imagine, like anything else people may have varying opinions.

    Is the 4 piece for prot warrior tanks (or tier in general for that matter) BiS gear in Cataclysm?

    In WotLK the 4 piece was pretty huge, but I'm hesitant to say the same now.

    Any thoughts?

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    it will be useful in some fights, but i will only keep 2-pc on at all times once i get them. i would wear tier helm/shoulders for when i need to be hit capped for interrupts, chest/gloves for the majority and use non tier shoulders/helm/legs for more exp, and gloves (or chest)/legs for avoidance. that's how i see it right now anyways...

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    It will def, be worth it come hard modes, extending the big CD's duration by 50% is pretty significant. Although it wont matter if you are poorly using your CD's

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