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Thread: horde bg queues

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    horde bg queues

    just wanna confirm this from anyone else before i decide to make a alliance alt

    are alliance bg queues like,shorter then horde.cuz i know its pretty much endless right now and i can never get in with eather of my horde characters.im thinkin about re rollin my druid alt to a alliance(im assuming for feral druid that worgens the best race cuz of the crit racial)until it gets fixed

    im just wondering because whenever i queue up for random bg now.like for example it says 11 mins is the average wait time,i can sit there for like 15-20 and not have the queue pop.im just wondering if anyone else that are horde has had this problem or has blizz said anything about it because im thinkin about just makin a alliance druid instead of horde because i can never get my random bg queue to pop

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    Yes, Ally queues are vastly shorter. Even before they merged all the Battlegroups into region-based, Ally queues were way shorter. Mainly because there's just a huge number of Horde that queue for pvp, compared to Alliance.. Horde have to wait in line, Alliance basically gets right in.

    It's usually instant, the longest I've had to wait was a minute or two, and that's when I queue for a specific BG, usually the one that is Call to Arms but any time I choose Random BG? It pops fast.

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