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Thread: Resto druid-Nefarian(10) 3rd phase

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    Resto druid-Nefarian(10) 3rd phase

    Aight so basically me n my guild are doing Nef and getting consisntently to 3rd phase with 2 crackles in phase 1 and 2 crackles in phase 2. My problem is (and im not sure if it is my fault entirely) that in 3rd phase im assigned to heal the tank kiting the adds than runs around and so far i havent been able to figure out a way to do this effectively. Its usually good during the 1rst 2 crackles but after that i either get shut down by fire blocking my reach to the tank, or due to the move n heal im not able to get the tank to survive the next crackle or i just go oom due to using way too many inefficient heals due to the fact that im not being able to use nourish or HT as much as id like to. Id apreciate if anyone has any ideas of how should i do this you know positioning/heals used/any other thing you can think of. And while im at it, can anyone think of a more mana efficient way to heal 2nd phase cause i mean i can handle it but sometimes its just too much rejuve spam and regrowth spam in order to get them topped of fast enough for the crackle while we r getting trashed by the shadow bolts. (And so far i do keep LBx3, i do pop ToL and get the all LBx3 when i do and i try to anticipate dmg to use nourish as much as possible.

    Thx in advance and i hope that some good answeres can help any other druid around with the same issues.

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    I'm not a druid, but I'm also on the add tank in P3. My best advice is to stay with the tank, like within just a few yards. This should keep you from being blocked by fire. Remember, your job is to keep that tank up, so if you were helping with the raid at all at this point, you should probably stop doing it and reserve all of your resources for your adds tank and yourself. Remember to use personal mitigation CDs such as Barkskin to soak unavoidable incoming damage (this will help save you a bit of mana as well).

    For mana, try to recognize early when you will be short and call it out in vent. You can rotate a healer out to heal the adds tank while you go do light raid healing (or possibly no healing) while you regen some mana back. (It might be best to swap to another healer for the adds tank this late anyway, not just for mana concerns, but external CDs used on the adds tank become very important, and resto druids do not have any)
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    Well, the first thing I advise you to do is stay of regrowth as much as you can. Hit WG on cd, have effloressence 3/3, and do rejuvs to those who need it, if you need to, cast nourish, and if more healing is needed, healing touch. Regrowth is extremely expensive and is strictly if a target needs quickly near-death healing

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