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Thread: Protection Warrior Primer (4.0.3)

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    Protection Warrior Primer (4.0.3)

    Hey man haven't got the time to read all the reaponses and I'm on my iPhone at work but I'm wondering if you can give me a little bit of advice. When I'm fighting a boss I tend to not really know when to blow my cds eg shield wall, last stand. I often do it if I get really low hp and think the healers gone afk, i want to know how you do it exactly I know it changes depending on boss mechanics and all that but is there a general rule of thumb you personally go by??

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    If you are a raider you should already know when I big spike of damage is about to happen, so being pro active and knowing the mechanics of the fight really assist in the decision making of a popping a cooldown. I usually do it when I know that heals aren't sufficient or I'm anticipating a really big spike of damage. All in all, its simply anticipating the mechanics of an encounter and knowing the calibur of healer that you have; even then its hard to gauge that.
    Good Luck!

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    I am havinf some issues with this primer not really a spec issue as I use similar spec and no I am not knew to tanking therefore I do know the abilities and if you decide to flame me well fair enough myabe I am not good at it. My issue is not aggro gain I am ok and manage it without much issues but what I am getting is the automatic random kick because my dps isnt going over 2/2.5 dps. Surely I am doing things wrong because I see others whilst on the hunter and they do loads of dps. I know its not a dps race, can be sometimes but what I find more confusing is if I am doing things right why isnt it going up?

    Any tips? If this doesnt belong here please delete it or move it away if you find its not from here

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    yeah, 2k dps is pretty low. I'd suggest you create a new thread in the HALP! forum we have here, and post a link to your armory.

    also, make sure you're using heroic strike and/or cleave on aoe packs. there's no reason to do such little dps. just last night in my heroic deadmines random daily i was putting out 8k

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    Awesome guide. I havent warrior tanked since BC and the information is exactly what is was hoping to find. I love this site.

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    Currently I have 9.25% dodge, 15.05% parry, 20.85 mastery and 51.73% block including the mastery, I followed the guide after trying it a different way but according to my guild healers Im fine to heal.
    thats my toon and if anyone has any advice as to help me not be squishy please say.

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    I've been doing some testing on the Boss Target Dummies and I'm having issues with the single target priority that you mentioned (i.e 1) Shield Slam + Shield Block, 2) Shockwave, 3) Shield Slam, 4) Revenge ...)

    My main problem is with Shockwave. Even though the tooltip says that it hits for 4515 (depending on AP) I'm finding it consistently hitting for only around 3300. Even with 3 stacks of Thunderstruck it's only hitting for around 3900. This is far less than Devastate, which is normally hitting for 3900-4000 and critting for around 8000. This would seem to remove Shockwave from the board for single target tanking.

    It also looks like Rend should be in the rotation. My Rend is hitting for 691/tick, so over 6 ticks I'm getting 4146.

    Now, I recognize that this prioritization is based on damage and not threat, so I may be off here. Been looking for corresponding threat values but haven't come up with them yet.

    I should note that this is on another toon: Krixxen/Tortheldrin Realm

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    Shockwave does do less threat than devastate IF you don't take War Academy. The original Poster Doesn't rate war academy, or recommend it in their builds that is probably why they place shockwave higher on their priority. Additionally Shockwave scales Really well with vengeance. at high AP levels (20Kish) SW will be about a third more threat than Dev in with 3/3 WA

    The Rest of my post is based on the assumption that your spec is similiar to mine. I have 0.49% hit, 1expertise 53% uptime on Enrage, and 39% uptime on Hold the line

    I run a Jack of all trades Master of None Build

    My general single target Pull ability order is
    1. Shout
    2. Heroic Throw as i Charge with Zerker Rage and Shield Block
    3. Shield Slam
    4. Shockwave
    5. Concussion Blow
    6. Devastate

    Now the reason i Use shockwave early in the pull is that despite it being less threat it has a higher chance to connect as i run a low Hit/expertise build and while i can take alot of parries/dodges/misses once vengeance has stacked any move that fails to connect in the first few GCDs of an encounter can be very dangerous.

    I use the old fashioned and Now misapropiately named Shockwave weaving technique for cruising threat that is based on a 4 GCD pattern that restarts everytime you get a Sword and board proc (ie if you can shield slam, you should shield slam). so it should look a little like this;

    1. Shield slam
    2. Revenge (if unavailable, Devastate)
    3. Revenge (if unavailable, Devastate)
    4. Other abilities

    Your other abilities are in descending threat value @ approximately 7k AP (my 0% vengeance value)

    1. Concussion Blow
    2. Rend with <3secs left refreshed with Thunder Clap
    3. Shockwave with 2 or 3 stacks of Thunderstruck
    4. Rend with <6secs left refreshed with TC
    5. Shockwave with 1 stack of Thunderstruck
    6. Devastate

    You May notice Rend is not on that list, thats becuase without the 30% bleed damage buff it does not out threat Devastate, which makes using over devastate a threat loss since you prioritise refreshing the rend below alot of other stuff. I've included it on the list for its own sake, maybe you pushed the wrong button, or its still ticking from an AoE situation, refreshing that rend at the right time is good, Normaly applying rend is bad.

    Your other abilities are in descending threat value @ approximately 20k AP (my 100% vengeance value)

    1. Concussion Blow
    2. Shockwave with stacks of Thunderstruck
    3. Heroic Throw
    4. Shockwave with no stacks of Thunderstruck
    5. Rend with <3secs left refreshed with Thunder Clap
    6. Rend with <6secs left refreshed with Thunder Clap
    7. Revenge
    8. Victory Rush
    9. Rend with <9secs left refreshed with Thunder Clap
    10. Devastate

    Same deal with Rend and it TC refeshes, Rend needs someone putting up that debuff to be worth using so lets take a look at wha happens when you do get it

    Your other abilities are in descending threat value @ approximately 7k AP (my 0% vengeance value) and a 30% bleed damage debuff on the target

    1. Concussion Blow
    2. Rend with <6secs left refreshed with Thunder Clap
    3. Shockwave with 3 stacks of Thunderstruck
    4. Rend. Fresh application
    5. Shockwave with 1 or 2 stacks of Thunderstruck
    6. Devastate

    Look at Rend go baby. A single application of rend at low vengeance is going to be producing almost as much threat as SS over its duration if it's allowed to tick the whole 6 times, due to this don't clip only reapply a fresh rend if it has fallen off. only exception is refreshing it with THunderclap if it has less than 6 seconds left of its duration.

    Your other abilities are in descending threat value @ approximately 20k AP (my 100% vengeance value) and the 30% bleed damage buff

    1. Concussion Blow
    2. Shockwave with 2 or3 stacks of Thunderstruck
    5. Rend with <3secs left refreshed with Thunder Clap
    4. Thunderstruck with 1 stack of Thunderstruck
    3. Heroic Throw
    4. Shockwave with no stacks of Thunderstruck
    5. Rend with <6secs left refreshed with Thunder Clap
    6. Rend, Fresh Application
    7. Revenge
    8. Victory Rush
    10. Devastate

    of course you should be making copious use of Heroic strike, Zerker Rage Inner rage Shield Block, while keeping Thunderclap and demo shout type debuffs up and appropriatly Spell Reflecting and interrupting.

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    I use talent builds quite similar to Kungen -double 5/5/31-, same aoe build, 2 talents different single target build (Trying Impending Victory, great for soloing BC 25 mans)...

    When it comes to AOE pulls I seem to take a slightly different approach, but I still manage to pull 13-18k dps and ungodly threat. With 1.5% hit and 6 expertise:

    1. Check healer mana during chain pulls
    2. Charge. Front target in most clusters, chain casting spell caster in looser formations.
    3. Rend
    4. Thunderclap
    5. Shockwave w/ 1 stack Thunderstruck
    6. Backpedal 2 steps and Heroic Leap

    I find that is a massive threat lead, I run with a frost DK that LOVES to spam howling blast and D&D while I am first running in and I have no problem locking it in even still. Keep thunderclap on cooldown, Shockwave at 3 stacks of Thunderstruck since the timing sinks up about perfectly. I recommend the Tidyplates addon for AOE, very obvious indicator of threat levels.

    For single target I tend to not use Shockwave or Concussive Blow unless I am on the last gcd before Shield Slam is off cooldown, since if Dev/Rev procs Sword and Board at that point it is basically a waste of a proc.

    Heroic leap is a vastly underrated move in my opinion. In a fight with no cleaves/breaths where positioning is not terribly important, it can very easily be used as an "Oh Shit" button. Leap to the far side of the room and run a few yards and be prepared for repositioning, can easily give your healers 3-5 seconds or more to bring your HP back up where it needs to be. Dps losing a bit of damage is better than a tank faceplanting when it is avoidable by a bit of creative cooldown use. I have even been know to Leap then intervene a healer even further away, easy way to put up to 65 yards between you and the guy who wants to eat your face.

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    Been away a while ( bought a house and have not seen a raid since the blind dragon ). Going to try and make this updated for 4.2 in the next week or so ..


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