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Thread: Valor Points

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    Valor Points

    As a Holy Pally what should i be obtaining first with my Valor Points. I suppose its subjective but I have heard mixed info..

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    As any class you should first look into what you can get from faction vendors and crafting then what loot drops from what bosses chances are there are parts say like a head piece for example that you won't get from factions, crafting or from any early bosses so it would be worth while getting that item where as lets say a belt could be gotten from either faction, crafting or early bosses so your badges could end up being wasted on an item you could have gotten anyways and then your stuck with no replacement for your head.

    So short answer get something that you won't find an equal item or replacement for it too early.

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    It really is subjective based on what you have atm. Personally I picked up a relic first, as I was still using my old 264 one from wrath, picked up the trinket today to go with my jc trinket for nomnomnom regen. Not really sure what I'm going to get next tbh.

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    it really depends on the gear you already have ( or have easy access to)...

    the best answer i can give you, is a way to figure it out for yourself.
    this works for all specs and classes...
    (note requires pencil and paper, and maybe a calculator )

    take your most valued stat, (or two.) record the gain in the stat, for each piece.
    Divide the number of points by the number of the stat gained (if you are going after two stats, you can weight them...)
    The piece with the smallest result wins. It is your biggest gain per point spent.

    now you have to take a minute or two to look at gear from other sources. (ie rep)
    and recheck your list every time you get a drop.

    for example the justice point helm is the winner for my (under geared) prot pally, but I am a day away from the wildhammer rep helm, and i just got a drop for the hands... so the shield is the first thing i will buy.

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    ^^ which you could craft and therefor bump the enxt item on your list up to the JP spot

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