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Thread: Premonition vs Magmaw - World 2nd - Tank Kiting

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    Premonition vs Magmaw - World 2nd - Tank Kiting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rak View Post
    control+c control+v amirite?
    Quote Originally Posted by Magnuss View Post
    Hell no, its Xav, he is gonna type that bitch till his fingers fall off.

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    Haha, nice.
    Is it one of the first fights, that are impossible without kiting the adds (which I dont believe, cause the adds arent slowable)? I mean, you would need over 200k dps to kill them, what obviously is not possible, while dpsing magmaw as well. So, what other options do you have?

    Are they CC-able? I guess not.
    Looking at the damage you took, they dont seem to be tankable in higher numbers.
    Does magmaw have an enrage? If not, you could only dps the head and kill adds during the normal phase.

    Anyways, good job. Just speculating how Blizzard intended the fight to be

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    Magmaw berserks after 10 minutes.

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    Gives a good idea about what you've to do on later heroics until they get nerfed to death. How many tanks are involved there, two for Magmaw himself, you're kiting the pulk and another one or two bringing the adds to you?
    Quote Originally Posted by delix View Post
    Just speculating how Blizzard intended the fight to be
    Start speculating about how blizzard wants you to bring frost dks for every kiting encounter (Throne, Magmaw, maybe even Maloriak) and what's going to happen for 10 mans without the luxury to bring every possible class/specc the other night.

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    the fine art of warrior kiting again


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