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Thread: <Macabre> Hyjal 10man Raid Teams are looking for you!

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    Thumbs up <Macabre> Hyjal 10man Raid Teams are looking for you!

    10 man raid teams and PvP
    Hyjal server (Pacific)
    Are you a new ten man guild getting ready to raid? Are you struggling to recruit players? Are you looking to find a raid team but are sick of filling out applications with a dozen different websites? Macabre may be the place for you!
    We are an umbrella guild that houses ten man raid teams. We work together to attain guild levels and achievements while retaining our identities as purely autonomous teams.
    Advantages of being a team leader in Macabre:
    -A recruiting hub for teams to advertise their needs on the front page.
    -Faster guild achievements and perks that are important for a raiding team such as feasts, cauldrons, increase rep gains etc.
    -Other team leaders who are friendly and willing to help you and your team to succeed.
    -A player pool to help fill in your missing raid spots.
    -Free ventrilo and personalized team forums that can be public or private.
    Advantages of being a member of Macabre:
    -Friendly guild members to relax with after a long day at work.
    -Multiple teams to raid with. If your team doesn't work out don't lose your guild rep, just join another team!
    -Plenty of players to run dungeons, do achievements with etc.
    As a member of Macabre you are able to take advantage of all the perks that come with being in a big guild and yet you will maintain your guild's identity with personal forums, team channels (ingame and with Ventrilo), team names and a team recruitment banner right on the front page! No other team leader can tell you or your team what to do; run your team the way you want.
    If you are interested in Macabre feel free to speak with any of our leaders or check out our website; http://www.MacabreHyjal.com .
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