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Thread: Justice Gear

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    Justice Gear

    i have a question

    I was checking the Justice Vendor items in SW and i noticed something that made me scratch my head

    there are several tank gear piece(s) that have more +Str than Dps and i'm wondering why the heck did they do that? I believe at 3 least 3 pieces of tank vs dps gear had more +str but I *did* not notice if there was a diff among the other stats (i.e. haste, crit, mastery etc etc)..but does this seem weird?

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    They have lass ratings and are decent threat pieces but you should look for something with less strength and more parry/mastery/dodge if you can

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    This is pretty common for the vendor gear. It's Blizzard's way of giving balancing giving you something that looks good for your ilvl/gs while not giving you something that's equally good as a drop.

    It happened a lot in LK as well, offhand the Conquest necks were like this as well as a bunch of the Frost plate gear.

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