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Thread: New Prot Warrior, Newb - Squsihy Squishy

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    New Prot Warrior, Newb - Squsihy Squishy

    Hi All,

    I'm new to the Prot Warrior Spec and was wondering how I can eliminate the squishy.

    I've read a bunch of articles but can't quite pull it all together.

    Used the Reforgenator addon suggestions to try and improve tanking but still squishy.

    Just trying to help my small guild out with Cata raiding and heroics.

    Any insight is much apprectiated. Thanks in advance.


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    1. You are wearing PvP gear.
    2. Enchants. Mostly missing.
    3. Have someone who knows about warriors go over your reforging. It looks wonky to me.
    4. Tabard: Earthen Ring = Head Enchant. Therazane = shoulder enchant, Dragonmaw = boots. Rhakahen = bracers. I guess it's your own priority, but I value my boots first. Therazane rep - just doing the quest line in Deepholm gets you honored, and the lesser inscriptions. Revered gets you rings. Two of them.
    5. The money you spent on your Bloodied Pyrium gear? Shoulda spent that on your professions. Blacksmithing = 2 sockets. Mining = huge chunk o'stamina.

    I don't know the rotation, or priorities for warriors at 85. But I'm a paladin. I just blow light at my foes, and they cower in fear.....wait.

    If you are getting squished one of several things is happening:

    1. You aren't using CC. Five mobs hitting you like a moderate sized sedan add up to 2 Mack trucks headed your way. Unless you are blowing CDs every pull, your healer won't like you much. Even if you are, he still might not like you.

    2. DPS breaking CC. Educate the DPS. Tell healer not to heal DPS that stand in the stupid. (Cleaves come to mind.) That way, your healer doesn't panic when the DPS has a sliver of life left, and spends precious mana healing the dps when he(or she) should make sure you don't become mob jelly.

    3. DPS not focusing down targets. If DPS focus down targets, then you can build incidental threat on the mobs you are tanking.

    4. Your healer isn't up to the task. Whether it is gear, skill, or experience. All get better with time, and unless they are just terribad (like a druid not taking the magic cleanse in the talent tree) then let them practice. We all start somewhere.

    5. Your healer hates you. I admit, this isn't likely. However, find a healer, become a healer/tank team.

    6. Run normals to get the feel of each other and how the fights go. Run the heroics for gear, sure, but use them to learn mechanics and how to stay outta the stupid. If you have a guild group, fine. If you have a 10 man raid group, AWESOME. Break into 2 groups. Run one dungeon. Mix up the groups (including healzors). Run another. Your dps and heals will learn your tanking style. You will learn to accomodate the quirks of the dps and the healers. As will the other tank. Run heroics. Have fun. Get gear. If you are lucky. I'm a running joke. I get gear on pug runs, and nothing in guild runs.
    I'm an alt-oholic. I'm ok with that.

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    I got the PvP gear thinking I could reforge the "Resilence" but that was a no go....grrrrr!!

    I didn't know about the Stam and socket bonuses for mining and blacksmithing. I will pay more attention to these professions and get the skill level up.

    I've got a ways to go for rep exept for Hijal and Rhakahen.

    All good points about the CC. Need to practice more with the CC as a group.

    Thanks again for the Help!!

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