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Thread: Warrior tank, rage starvation anyone?

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    Warrior tank, rage starvation anyone?

    I'm a lvl 353 geared warr tank ( http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...b%C3%B8/simple) and recentlly, I've been having rage starvation problems, mostly in heroics. I usually follow the following prio list --> SS>Revenge>Dev and spam Heroic for single target. For multipulls I tend to Charge+SS+Rend+TC+SW and then mobtab using Revenge and SS.
    The thing is, when i do not spam Heroic I can't make enought aggro, and when I do spam it my rage never goes above 40.
    That's in heroics. I suppose that with this lvl of gear (witch is not something special), mobs are hiting me less, then I get less rage and less vengeance, while dps hit for more. Also in some bosses like the second of BRC or the first in TotT, who hit soft, I usually can use a Heroic every 10 secs, else, I have no rage for SS or Revenge.

    Anyone has experienced this problem?

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    Rage gain is increased by itemlevel via increased pool of stamina, but you dodge/parry more and those packs die faster -> more time percentage wise spend in stuns so less rage gain overall.

    3 points into shield specc and stop using HS, i only use it during shield block these days in heroics. Aggro should still be fine versus equally geared dps if you focus on threatgear (hit, expertise maybe even some pieces with crit or +strength proccs) without tricks/md.

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    Work on your melee stats; We don't get rage from being hit any more, but rather by connecting with our auto attacks. So Expertise to reduce dodged and parried attacks and + hit.

    The other is (as pointed out) save heroic strike for when you have the rage to spare, rather than as a standard attack. It's expensive.

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    As was said above, you should be maxxing out Shield Spec. There are few bosses that give me rage issues (damn you, Foe Reaper!). And I never have aggro problems on trash.
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    I had the exact same issues, but I fixed it by enchanting some stuff with hit and eating hit food. I use elixir with hit rating sometimes also. When I do heroics we have to cc because the pug healer always suck, which makes me not having a lot of trash on me causing almost no rage gains. This is irritating and I think this might be fixed in the next patch. My issue is almost fixed and I wish you good luck further!
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    Personally I think your problem with being rage starved is the part where you spam Heroic Strike. DON'T! "Heroic Strike: An attack that instantly deals XXX physical damage. A good attack for moments of excess rage." Follow the tip. Only use it when over 50 rage or so. Other abilities should be enough to keep aggro.

    If you still find yourself rage starved, go for hit and expertise, as said before. But before doing that, I'd really advice you to adjust your rotation a bit.

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