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Thread: Rapid Renewal Talent

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    Rapid Renewal Talent

    So long story short, I'm toying with a holy spec this week for raids for kicks.

    I've been looking at my rotations and noting that I'm not really using renew except in combination with the heal chakra - which basically means I'm casting renew once, then just keeping it rolling with the occasional heal.

    As Aliena pointed out in her sticky, renew's primary use is on a tank to combine with the heal chakra, or otherwise as heals on the move when you don't have anything else available.

    As a result, I was really thinking how much mileage I was going to get out of the rapid renewal talent. I know pretty much every suggested spec picks it up, but if you aren't going to be blanketing the raid with renews any more, and when you ARE using renew, you're basically not going to cast it again unless you make a mistake by not keeping it rolling via heal... Doesn't that mean the reduced global cooldown will very, very rarely be put to good use?

    Is it just picked up for lack of a better place to put it while going down the tree, or is it really that vital to the spec?

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    I skip it.
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    Renew-blanketing is dead of course. The spell still has some very good uses (I like to keep it rolling on the tanks when I can), but you won't be spamming it so of course Rapid Renewal is mediocre at best.

    I take it to get to the next tier, but will probably reallocate that point to Surge of Light once they make it proc off of GHeal.

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