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Thread: tanking gear/spec questions

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    tanking gear/spec questions

    I am a paladin i have 42% block and it seems to only block 30% of dmg unless holy shield procs which is kind of often but i dont know if that is the most a paladin can get as it has not changed in a couple percent of mastery.

    also my dodge is 11% and parry is 13% I was wondering if that is around the range it should be also.

    I just want some advice on gear/enchants/and gems also I have the epic dps belt from hyjal rep because it had a lot of mastery and more str and sta then my 333 tankin belt so i made the switch cause 169 mastery was more avoidance then 199 parry. I dont know if this was the best choice but it seemed to be more helpful except i dont see the amount blocked increaseing only stayin at 30% is that the cap for a paladin cause of holy shield?

    even with my hit and expertise low i still dont seem to have a problem with aggro so i have not been worryin about it so much.

    I would also like some help with glyphs as i dont really see any other glyphs that are helpful but maybe i am missing something.

    Am I ready for raids? if not what should I aim for as min reqs?

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    The paladin mastery currently affects block chance (i.e. what used to be called Block Rating), not the amount blocked (which used to be called Block Value). This wasn't the case for all of the Cataclysm beta, which is where the confusion might be coming from.

    Holy Shield isn't a random proc; it increases the amount blocked from the base 30% to 40%. You control its uptime through SotR and WoG usage - make sure it has 100% uptime (it will naturally be up all the time if you follow a correct rotation anyway).

    You could squeeze out a little more Mastery by reforging an avoidance stat on your chest and leg slots. Your gear looks good to begin raiding.

    Your spec is a little confused; you're swapping good threat talents (Wrath of the Lightbringer) for poor ones (Judgements of the Pure). Have a read here about how you could optimize your talents, and while you're there you could scroll down and read up on which other Glyphs will help you out too.

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