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Thread: [H] Softcore - 10man - Korgath

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    [H] Softcore - 10man - Korgath

    Realm: Korgath
    Guild: Softcore
    Website: www.softcoreguild.com
    Faction: Horde

    Recruitment is open to all classes and specs currently

    Softcore is a US-Korgath Horde 10-player raiding guild focused on competitive end game progression. While we strive to perform and succeed at increasingly higher levels, we do so in an efficient, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. In addition to our extremely candid leadership and clearly established goals, the raiding aptitude and selfless efforts of all our members help our guild to advance at every opportunity.

    Raid Schedule

    we raid 3 nights a week (when needed). Our current schedule:
    • Mon/Wed/Thurs 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM (CST)
    • Willingness to learn quickly
    • Knowledge of all current encounters
    • Thorough knowledge of your class/role
    • Maximize your performance through correct talents/enchants/gems/glyphs/viable professions and the use of all possible consumables during encounters
    • Consistent attendance and long-term commitment
    • Ability to use Mumble
    • Recognize and respond to constructive criticism
    • A sense of humor
    • Not afraid to ask for help
    Loot Distribution

    All loot is awarded via loot council. Our goals in distributing items include optimizing the overall benefit to the raid/guild, and ensuring fairness for all contributing members. Some factors considered when awarding loot are: past loot, attendance, performance, attitude, and degree of upgrade.

    In-game contact- Servingsize
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