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Thread: Heroic gear requirement (Protection Warrior)

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    Heroic gear requirement (Protection Warrior)

    Hi, this will be my first post. I will try to continuesly post and visit the site, as I have been for a longer period but took the time now to register an account.

    My question is as follows, I've got my main character up to level 85 and the only thing I am missing is wrists and a waist and then I should have all the gear I can get from non-heroic instances. My gear level is 329 which is the requirement for heroics, but when I qued up I got complains on shitty gear and I only have 111k unbuffed.

    Should I start doing heroics or should I farm the last bits of the non-heroic gear, reputation farm etc and will that truly help that much? Also is my gear really that bad and recommendations on how to get better what instances to go?

    For more detailed information take a look at my armory:

    Am I doing something wrong? Im trying to reach the 75% block, I am also wondering what the "main" talent spec are at the moment so if anybody wouldnt mind giving me that aswell I would be more then satisfied !

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    Hi Shiffed,

    There is not much more that you will receive from normal dungeons, but there are a few things that you could do.

    Professions :

    Currently your Alchemy is still low, if you really want to tank you will level that to 500 to create the Alchemy trinket, Lifebound Alchemist's Stone. This has decent STA and Mastery and can be gemmed with an additional gem.

    Lifebound Alchemist Stone :http://www.wowhead.com/item=58483

    Leather working only has the BoE cape, however the enchants is optimal. Personally I chose Blacksmithing to be able to create the Chest, Belt and Shield.

    Chest : http://www.wowhead.com/item=55058

    Waist : http://www.wowhead.com/item=55059

    Shield : http://www.wowhead.com/item=55069

    Alternatively if you keep LW you could by these from the AH.

    Trinkets :
    The +STR Trinket with 'On USE' has to go, it holds no purpose as a tanking Trinket.

    Reputation :

    Farming rep is highly recommended, most of your ilvl359 pre-raid gear will be coming from Exalted Reputation. You can farm Rep in normal dungeons now by wearing tabards.

    You can do dailies for Dragonmaw Clan and on Honored you can purchase a Head which is i346. Also do dailies for Therezane for the Shoulder enchant.

    I did not bother much with Dungeons and got most gear before running HC's with quest gear and crafted gear.

    Be sure to use all your CD's correctly i.e, Shield Block, Disarm, Spell Reflect, ConC, Last Stand etc. To even out the damage that is incoming. You will be surprised how many bosses you can Disarm.

    Finally, progression.

    I found it easiest to 1st run VP, Lost City, ToT. Start with those and you should be ok.

    Hope this helps a little.

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    Hi, thanks a lot Pyorrhea for your post and I see you took some time to help me!
    At the moment I picked letherworking for no other reason then the "enchant" on wrists. Though I havent taken the time to level it up, I will surely start raising my reputation even more. The trinket is really because I have no other, better to use that then nothing.

    Aso thanks for the tips on the heroic runs.

    I have been looking at the gear you posted before and I was suprised none where at AH and I am pretty sure it wouldnt be cheap anyhow so I will definitivly picking up blacksmithing!

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