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Thread: Tank Trinket question

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    Tank Trinket question

    From a prot warrior perspective, which two should be used between the lifebound alchemist stone, the darkmoon card: earthqake, and the symbiotic worm?

    I kind of like the avoidance on the darkmoon card, and it would be rather nice to bind the use effect to last stand bump it into an even more powerful CD.

    I also like the general passive stats of the stone. The bump to health potions is a little less appealing (about an extra 4k heal once per battle), but still useful.

    the Worm...I'm a little in the wind about. I can't tell for certain if it's better or worse than the other two.

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    I'd go with worm and stone because i dislike the battlemaster-esque on use effect of the darkmoon card, only time that combination being useful is Chimaeron.

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