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Thread: Diagnose Threat Issues from Healer Perspective

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    Diagnose Threat Issues from Healer Perspective

    Hey Everyone,

    I tried googling the topic but couldn't find much information on the topic.

    Basicly, I'm the GM of a guild, and a priest healer. Our DPS has been complaining about threat from one of our tanks. I'm not real sure how to figure out what he is doing wrong. The tank is a paladin, and is sufficiently geared.

    Anyone know of any resources that might help this situation? Or anyone have experience with an appropriate way to approach the individual without being a jerk?


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    Easiest way is to show us a wws log or just talk to him. If there's a problem and you take a direct and honest approach, not complaining just asking him, he shouldn't be upset. It's in his own interest to help the raid progress further and if there are some minor or major adjustments to be made just swallow the pill and do it.

    First thing that comes on my mind: he simply forgets about putting righteous fury on, basically reducing his threat in half. How to fix that? Having a power aura set to the middle of his screen, huge and glowing.

    And there are two ways to squeeze in more selfhealing while dropping several % of threat in exchange (holy power on word of glory instead of shield of the righteous; seal of insight instead of seal of truth). At least at the very beginning (until vengeance stacks kicks in) it really helps using those heavier aggro related spells and swap later on when you have a decent threat lead.

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