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Thread: Tol Barad Offense Queue jipped me 3 times in a row.

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    Tol Barad Offense Queue jipped me 3 times in a row.

    On Anetheron, we and the Horde have worked out where we basically switch ownership of Tol Barad every 2 hours so every 4 hours one side gets an O win, which gives 1800 honor. I tried queueing for it 3 times, and each time it wouldn't let me in. I queued as soon as I was able to, and it still wouldn't call me in. I know I've gotten quite a bit of gear recently, so I'm wondering if I would start getting the queue all the time again if I were to strip first, then queue so I provide a false ilvl.

    And I'm desperate for honor as an Alliance player. We never win any bgs.
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    TB and WG now only let equal numbers of players from both sides. So that being the case, why join unless you would get the 1800 honor? It has nothing to do with ilvl. only numbers of players.

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    The Q is completely random. I've not gotten in from Qing right at the start, and sometimes I've gotten in Qing at the very last second and the other way around.

    Also a little tip. If you don't get in, run to the bridge where Tol Barad starts and find out where exactly the point of entrance is. Once you cross that point you have 8 seconds to move back to Tol Barad Peninsula before you get ported to your hearth. But if you time it right and run into Tol Barad right before the game ends, you'll get full honor even without actually being in the raid group. It helps if you have a friend who got in who can tell you to run in when the last cap only needs 2-3 ticks.

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