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Thread: Help with CC

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    Help with CC

    Hey guys I'm a warrior tank thats been away from the game for a while. I feel I've relearned to tank pretty well however I'm still having a lot of trouble with casters and CC. For example in (h)Blackrock Caverns nearly every pull is full of casters. The group will CC 2 of them then the others stand there and eventually change targets. If I run in I always end up breaking the cc somehow. I know I have Spell Reflect and Heroic Throw but some casters don't seem to come within melee range after using them. Long story short aggro ends up going everywhere and its hard to get it under control.

    Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks

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    Sometimes you can LoS, or if you're lucky enough to have a Boomkin or several DPS with ranged silences (perhaps a DK with Death Grip and Strangulate) then you can drag them out.

    Other times, there is really no option but to get in melee range with the CC and just be careful. This does mean you can't use Thunder Clap (which hurts, trust me as a DK it hurts not to be able to use my Demo Shout a.k.a. Blood Boil), and that you have to be careful with your cleaves (Heart Strike or in your case Revenge and, well, Cleave).

    Be extremely careful of which direction you're facing, and if you can't face a direction with no CC'd targets in front of you, then just stick to single-target abilities only. Use your interrupt as an opportunity to maneuver the mob in a good direction. That's all the general non-warrior-specific advice I have though.

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    Experience is the best medicine. Learn the pulls, try your best, and don't feel bad if it takes you a while to adjust to the new paradigm.

    The best way to deal with the situation you described is to have the ranged targets CC'd. If you can't cc all of the ranged, try to use heroic throw w/ gag order to get them to come to you. Asking a DK to deathgrip is another option, just be ready to pick it off him quickly. Also, remember about ranged interrupts/silences, such as counterspell, strangulate, etc.

    In most packs, there's usually only one or two ranged, the rest being melee. if you do it right, you can CC the ranged to pull, then pick the rest up before they get to the mage/whatever. Also, your battle/commanding shout seems to generate a little bit of threat when used. not much, but it's enough that if you save it until after the CC goes out, you can get the melee mobs to run to you instead of the squishy.

    The use of marks to designate CC targets and kill orders really, really helps. I'd recommend an addon called 'lucky charms' to help with marks.

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    Since the posts above detailed the core of the issue, if all else fails and you can't CC 1 ranged, and you can't make'm come to you (archer mobs i'm looking at you...), do this:

    Start the pull, tank the melees, let the healer eat the attacks of 1 ranged for a few secs, taunt, keep taunting the ranged.

    The high health these days means any char can withstand magic/ranged attacks for a bit, without overwhelming your healer. Just keep spamming taunt on it to minimize the dmg.

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    Caster mobs are quite easy to keep on you if they are at range, just make sure you have initial aggro on them and use Spell Reflect. This should keep them off any DPS/Healer. If you are specced into Gag Order and HT is off CD from initial pull use it on that ranged caster to get them close.

    I currently have a problem with disarm not working on Ranged Weapon mobs. Anyone else having a problem with this?

    What I would like to do on Ranged Weapon Mobs :

    Charge (Start rotation to get aggro on melee) > Intercept Ranged Weapon Mob, Disarm > Heroic Leap back to Melee pack

    What I am currently doing on some caster mobs if there is more than one not CC'd :

    1. Keep the first aforementioned Spell reflect Aggro tactic up on one caster.

    2. Caster 2 : After initial aggro and stunning melee in place > Intercept Caster, Shield Bash > Heroic Leap back to Melee pack

    This does take some getting use to, but once you do this your group will <3 you. I think allot of Warriors under utilize their toolkits.

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