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Thread: Addon to track if raid members are using required addons?

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    Addon to track if raid members are using required addons?

    I was wondering if there was an add-on around that would show who in the raid has the required add-ons that we ask for in our guild. For an example, say we require DBM and Omen, is there a add-on that will show us who in the raid have these add-ons and who does not?

    Thanks for any help!

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    I dont know about a addon.

    But I believe /dbm version and /omen version should work, checking the whole groups version of dbm and omen even.

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    Addons which track the "chatter" between mods can do this, otherwise perform a version check

    /dbm version
    /omen version
    /dxe version

    should do the trick. This will also tell you who updated their boss mod two hours ago and who is using the pre-cata release downloaded last august.

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    I tried what you guys suggested, and /dbm version does work.
    However, /omen version does not. Any other ideas?

    Also, thanks for the help.

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    I question the very intent of this post... for several reasons...
    1) why would you raid with people you don't trust to DL the required addons?
    2) which addons do you require?
    DBM can be replaced with bigwigs, dxe or even boss tactics. but the standard UI will show boss casts just as easily. Are your raiders failing at a certain mechanic? check out the evil little addon ensidiafails... but really, If your melee dps are hitting the right interupts, what does it matter if the aren't running DBM?
    Omen can be replaced by skada. But again if your top DPS Raider isn't pulling off the tank, what does it matter if they don't use either?
    healing addons include vuhdo, grid, clique, etc. but which would you actually require your raid healers to use...
    3) whichever addons you require will not make poor performers better performers. Yes addons can be helpful. But if your raiders are doing their jobs, without the "required addons" will you boot them? what about the raiders that can't do their jobs, even with the addons?

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