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Thread: Fury Warrior Rage and Bloodthirst macros

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    Fury Warrior Rage and Bloodthirst macros

    My action bar has been packed with buttons since hitting 85, and I'd like to streamline it a bit.

    Ideally, I'd like to make Battle Shout and Berserker rage go off every time I mash Bloodthirst, but every macros I've tried to make to accomplish this either uses the Battle Shout cooldown, and thus makes it useless, or ignores the command to cast them (ie. I suck at macros). If that's impossible, I'd at least like to combine Berserker, Battle, and Commanding with key modifiers, but it seems I suck at that too.

    Also, as per Thegreatme's consideration in his cata warrior guide, I tried making a Slam/Inner Rage macros to replace the regular slam in my rotation, but it would only let me Slam when Inner Rage was available, which really messed up my Bloodsurge proc.

    I'm using the default WoW UI (After 5 years of playing with it, I know nothing else), and I like to keep my hands on the keyboard during encounters (as opposed to clicking my abilities), but I'm lousy at determining the different action bar keybindings, so I find myself needing to do a lot of clicking. I'm slow as hell at it, though, so I probably lose a fair bit of DPS while I'm switching. I use the numpad for my rotation.

    My DPS isn't terrible - Far from it, since I usually lead the pack in heroics and Top 5 in raids - I'd just like to be a little lazier about it.

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    you cant combine two abilities together in a macro if they are both on the same GCD, so battle shout/berserker rage/bloodthirst will never work
    to set a modefier it would be
    /cast[modifier;shift] battleshout; commanding shout
    i do believe that will work. im sure someone will correct me if im wong.
    I would not combine berserker rage into a macro because it not only gives rage, but it breaks fears as well. Also its off the GCD so you wont always want to use it at the same time. some time you will find yourself out of 5 rage and you dont want to waste the GCD on a full shout so you use berserker rage.

    also. i like to put
    /cast inner rage
    /cancelaura inner rage

    into a macro because it works more like a toggle. sometimes i find that i have a metric butt load of rage income and i just cant burn it all, so i toggle inner rage till i hit 25-30 rage again. its just nice to have the option.

    also. with keybindings. I would try setting up bartender and positioning the bars in a way that reflects your keyboard. it will help you recognize where keys are in relation to your keys.
    also. i find that this key layout works really good.

    Move WSAD to EDSF, then you turn 1234567 ect, into this
    1 -> Q
    2-> W
    3-> R
    4-> T

    those 8 keybinds (shift 1234 also) should cover most of your rotation abilities.
    then you can easily keybind


    All to situational abilities. This will help you keep your hands moving with your keyboard (strafe with S and F, do not turn...) And still attacking also. It will take some getting use to, but it works really really good when you get it down.

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