Hi everyone; (Originally posted to Wow Forums early December)

I'm thrilled that the Cataclysm expansion is a somewhat industious grind to level 85 and an even more challenging expansion at dungeon level. I started WOW in 2007 and recall learning to tank / run in SLABS and Vanilla instances where CC was important, each player was HIGHLY accountable for their actions / inactions, cross server pugs didn't exist and loot was a priority AFTER a fight went well. In the ensuing years, BLIZZARD appears to have welcomed the greater volumes of players / $ in place of challenging, quality gaming for the smaller, sustainable and committed WOW community. In LK we had tanks who pressed a button and vwala, were holding threat on endless mob numbers, CC which became redundant and general game engagament became a face roll.

The consequence of taking player subscriptions from approx 9 million to 13 million in LK is we have a lot of players out there who are unacustomed to communicating patiently with fellow pug raiders, are more loot focused and are about to learn how the game was years ago. I personally welcome with open arms the return to raids which require higher levels of skill, CC (yes I said it again), and 5 man coordination. Universal law: Raise quantity = Drop Quality.

Don't get me wrong....A part of me has become addicted to smashing through easy dungeons and raids faster than life and I've had my run in to Grim BATOL packs and got 3 - shot.

For those of you who played pre LK and especially BC or Vanilla 2005 players, I know you understand where I'm coming from. To the others, sit back and enjoy slower, funner raids which are designed to make you enjoy the experience for what it is...not just the fast and endless loot which truly is a facade to keep you playing....Just look at your T10 now.

I think Blizzard will lose subscribers over time, or they may nerf the life out of dungeons to retain $. Maybe a compromise would work...I would personally like to see minimal nerfing whereby the game will improve for the smaller community...those who got it off the ground and are still around


Wornox of Aman'Thul